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  • Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Aboriginal Banking
    The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Aboriginal Banking is dedicated to supporting the establishment and expansion of Aboriginal-owned businesses through financing and tailored advisory services. They are looking to provide financing solutions (long-term financing, venture capital, subordinate financing) and advisory services to First Nation, Metis and Inuit entrepreneurs, and community-owned businesses.
  • QM Environmental, National ABM Partner
    QM Environmental, National ABM Partner, is a full-service environmental contractor searching for mutually beneficial business opportunities with First Nation communities. Training and employment is a primary objective of the QMLP Aboriginal Inclusion and Capacity Building Strategy including environmental remediation, demolition and emergency response.
  • Saint Mary's First Nation
    Saint Mary's First Nation, Shake On It! Host, is a proactive and progressive community working towards creating an economic development corporation and a five year economic development plan. With two reserves located on the Saint John River in New Brunswick, they are looking to connect with companies and communities interested in joint ventures or partnerships in the area of agriculture and biotech, construction, land development, gaming and more.
  • 1 Nation Distribution
    1 Nation Distribution is a unique business and distribution model managed by First Nations business leaders to promote healthy, regional economies. Aboriginally owned and operated, the company is looking to enter into strategic partnerships to unite culture with value and service, supplying First Nations and Native American communities, as well as businesses.
  • Forbes Bros
    Forbes Bros is the largest privately held power line construction group, nationally recognized for its capabilities, focused on building high voltage electrical systems across North America and the world. The company knows local engagement is key to project success and develops excellent relationships, including joint ventures and training initiatives with First Nations, Metis and Inuit organizations.
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
    Within Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) was created in 2005 to advocate on behalf of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in federal procurement. This government agency is mandated to increase SME participation and understanding of the Federal Government procurement process, which is an $18 billion market.
  • Spirit Bear Coffee
    Spirit Bear Coffee is an Aboriginal coffee company, supplying all aspects of the coffee industry from hotels and casinos to coffee house and offices. 5% of gross revenue is returned to the preservation of the Great Bear Rain Forest. They currently offer a full-service coffee program for the following industries: resorts, hotels and spas; camps and offices; coffee houses; restaurants and catering; and food and beverage distributors.
  • Britco Structures Ltd.
    Britco is a leading provider of workforce accommodations for the energy, mining and construction sectors. They are looking to develop partnerships and relationships with First Nations in BC to provide building solutions related to seniors accommodations, single and multi-family housing, workforce housing and other building applications.
  • Woodward & Company LLP, National ABM Partner
    Woodward & Company LLP, National ABM Partner, is a law firm working exclusively for First Nations. Known as the "rights and title" firm, they are hoping to make their experience in business law aware in the Aboriginal market. They are looking for partnerships who might be interested in negotiating impact benefit agreements, developing corporate structures, complex financing and secured transactions, all tax matters, and all aspects of on and off-reserve lands development, including governance issues.
  • SITE Energy Services
    SITE Energy Services is an energy and resource-based construction contractor working in Western Canada and the USA. They are looking to create Aboriginal partnerships in heavy civil earthworks, piling, pipeline, mechanical construction as well as survey, seismic drilling, clearing, mulching, grubbing, environmental reclamation and remediation.
  • Surespan Group of Companies
    Surespan is a vertically integrated group of companies offering world-class service and supply to the heavy civil construction, energy and industrial sectors of Canada’s economy. They are actively seeking partnership opportunities with Aboriginal communities to develop and co-deliver projects while building and strengthening relationships with local clients, businesses and communities.
  • Big Grizzly Group of Companies
    Big Grizzly Group of Companies is a First Nations owned turnkey construction services company providing full-service design, engineering, project management, capital financing and construction services across Canada. They are looking to connect with communities looking to expand housing needs, commercial developments and sustainable energy generation and transmission.
  • McDougall Energy, National ABM Partner
    McDougall Energy, National ABM Partner, is one of the largest gasoline-retailing and commercial networks in Canada and an ABM National Partner. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in creating a partnerships with an Esso retailer, On the Run Franchisee and Key to the Highway Dealer.
  • Clean Harbors
    Clean Harbors is the leading provider in environmental, energy and industrial services throughout North America. They are looking to develop new relationships with Aboriginal communities, Nation-owned or Nation member-owned businesses in the oil and gas, and mining sectors.
  • RBC Royal Bank
    RBC Royal Bank is a financial services leader in Canada with an interest in promoting First Nations interests and forges relationships based on understanding, trust and respect. They are looking to working closely with Aboriginal communities to address issues and opportunities that have importance not only to Aboriginal peoples, but to all Canadians. These include access to banking and capital, community and social development, employment.
  • Jouta Performance Group Inc.
    Jouta Performance Group Inc. are an outsourced Human Resources specialists. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in the placing day-to-day HR practices and policies that nurture an organization’s culture, protect them against legislative threats and drive their productivity. They also assist large companies merging together; small start-ups taking their first HR steps; and companies growing.
  • Kent-Macpherson
    Kent-Macpherson is recognized as one of Western Canada's leading authorities in independent real estate valuation, consulting and advisory services. They are looking to create and build deeper partnerships with First Nations communities, based on their unmatched land planning and development expertise.
  • RecTec Industries Inc.
    RecTec Industries Inc. has been building relationships throughout the province of BC by distributing BC's most innovative park and recreation equipment. They are looking to build partnerships with health-oriented Aboriginal communities who value the health of their members and understand the powerful benefits of a strong and healthy community.
  • Indigenous Community for Leadership and Development
    Indigenous Community for Leadership and Development (ICLD) is a joint venture between Naut’sa mawt Resources Group and Com-Tech Learning Solutions. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in support towards the development of community resources and self-governance.
  • Urban Systems
    Urban Systems is a professional consulting firm committed to supporting vibrant communities. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested on gaining consultation on economic development, land use, public-private partnerships, climate change, clean energy and clean drinking water.
  • BMO Bank of Montreal - Aboriginal Banking
    BMO Bank of Montreal recognizes that the ability to contribute to the self-sufficiency of Aboriginal communities is linked to the development of effective relationships with those communities. They are looking to connect with communities interested in improved access to financial products and services.
  • Horizon North, National ABM Partner
    Horizon North, National ABM Partner, is a leader in industrial, commercial and residential modular manufacturing. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in turnkey solutions can provide temporary, permanent, and "open camps", as well as hotels, health centers, resort property, luxury homes, affordable housing for high-density areas and remote communities and individual residences.
  • Ermineskin Resources Development Ltd.
    Ermineskin Resources Development Ltd. (ERD) is a 100% First Nation owned company that specializes in oil and gas construction and maintenance that is run and operated in our First Nation. Their division, called Ermineskin Industrial Relations, is made up of a team consisting of ERD, Consultation, Tribal Relationships with other First Nations, Community Economic Development, and Training through our ASSETS division. They also have MOU's and JV's with various partners that are Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities who are interested in diversification and mutual growth.
  • Schendel Mechanical Contracting Ltd.
    Schendel Mechanical Contracting Ltd. is a family-owned business committed to building quality Mechanical and Plumbing Systems with professionalism, integrity and quality workmanship. They have past experience in working in remote locations with Aboriginal communities to provide top level mechanical contracting services and are looking to develop relationships and contracting opportunities in the region.
  • Capacity Forest Management Ltd.
    Capacity Forest Management Ltd. specializes in the management of First Nations Forestry Operations in conjunction with Aboriginal communities. They are looking to develop a workforce working with Aboriginal communities and develop business and project partnerships.
  • Keystone Environmental Ltd.
    Keystone Environmental Ltd. is a leading environmental consultant with a dedication to client success, innovation, end-game focus and understanding of project objectives. They have been working with First Nations communities for over 15 years on projects that include Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Monitoring, Risk Assessment, and capacity building within the nations. They are looking to connect with communities who have a desire to progress a project through contamination due diligence or environmental / ecological impact assessment.
  • InGreen Systems Corp
    InGreen Systems Corp. aims to develop and manufacture the highest-performing Structural Insulated Panels in the industry. Fabricated pre-cut panels offers clients and customers a plethora of advantages including faster instillation, efficient use of material and elimination of on-site panel waste. They are looking to develop business and project partnerships, and learn about opportunities in the Aboriginal market.
  • Enerpro Systems Corp.
    Enerpro is North America’s only provider of full-service, intelligent, energy management programs for new construction and infrastructure upgrades in retrofitted buildings, since 1996. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities in the establishment and management of self-owned utilities.
  • Salish Sea Sentinel
    The Salish Sea Sentinel is a monthly First Nations magazine, by the Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council, that shares the news and stories from the people of the Salish Sea. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in advertising and/or receiving the magazine in bulk quantities.
  • All Nations Trust Co. / All Nations Insurance Brokers
    All Nations Development Corporation (ANDEVCO) provides business support and advisory services such as business planning, marketing assistance and access to grant funding and loan financing; as well, it provides business development and training to Aboriginal entrepreneurs and Aboriginal communities. All Nations Insurance Brokers (ANIB) is 100% Aboriginal owned and is dedicated to providing its clients with an exemplary standard of service that reflects ANTCO’s commitment to strengthen Aboriginal economies. ANIB is also dedicated to provide efficient and effective risk management solutions that include on-site visits, community/employee workshops, and much more.
  • Nazko First Nation
    Nazko First Nation is located West of Quesnel, BC. Their current economic development activities include Nazko Logging, Nazko Resource Management Ltd., Three Nations General Store and Lodgings and the Three Nations Resort and Adventure Tours. They are looking to connect with businesses and organizations with expertise in international and national tourism who are eager to promote outdoor adventure activities for all ages and physical capabilities and focused on long term economic benefits and sustainability. They are also interested in connnecting with businesses able to assist in developing and perhaps incubating small businesses in a local community during its entrepreneurial phase.
  • Red Earth First Nation
    Red Earth First Nation is a geographically distant community determined to thrive. They have medical transport and other taxi services, the Lionel Head Memorial Store, confectionery and gas bar, two on-reserve elementary schools and one post-secondary education program to prepare young people for a variety of careers, a community hall and youth centre. Their current economic development goals include the completion of the electrical work and septic systems work that was delayed by floods this year. They are also looking to a Recreation Director who will organize programming, and recruiting students to help with activities and events.
  • BDO Canada, National ABM Partner
    BDO Canada, National ABM Partner, provides practical business and commercial advice to both First Nations and businesses seeking to transact with First Nations alike. They also provide professional financial services such as audit, accounting and taxation advice, where our specialists provide a mixture of commoditized and specialist advice that is competitively priced and well-regarded. They are looking to connect with community and company decision makers interested in these services.
  • TIPI/IMI Insurance Partnership
    TIPI/IMI Insurance Partnership is a brokerage company specializing in Employee Benefits Plans for First Nation, Inuit and Metis employers. They are 100% Aboriginally-owned with all offices operating on reserve and looking to connect with Nations interested in their services. Their slogan: We Know Aboriginal People, We Are Aboriginal People.
  • Sturgeon Lake Developments Ltd.
    Sturgeon Lake Developments Ltd. is located approximately 50 km northwest of Prince Albert. Their current economic development activities include real estate, construction, manufacturing and agriculture. Strategic areas of focus when considering investments and partnerships are real estate, construction and mining. Additional information include the extensive resource of gravel available on the First Nation which is an area of economic focus and Sturgeon Lake First Nation is a Treaty Land Entitlement First Nation with the advantage of purchasing lands in Saskatchewan and converting to reserve status translating to potential land development opportunities. They are looking to develop and create potential partnerships and potential investments in these strategic areas of focus.
  • Skin Tyee Nation
    Skin Tyee Nation is a rural and remote community with inland ferry access. Their current economic development activities include the Energy, Mine, Oil and Gas sector but they are looking for opportunities to diversify. They are actively looking for investors and companies to help in developing a resort project on reserve.
  • Lheidli T'enneh First Nation, ABM Co-Host
    Lheidli T'enneh's current economic activities include timber harvesting, natural resource management, and government program delivery. They are actively pursuing opportunities to diversify. Their traditional territory stretches over 4.3 million hectares, from the impressive Rocky Mountains to the beautiful interior plateau, including the City of Prince George. They have several partnerships within various industries including environmental consulting, camp services, forestry, energy, safety and security, and logging. Their priority is to strengthen the Nation through education, training, and job opportunities to our community members by creating the right partnerships.
  • Liquid Capital, West Coast Financing Corp.
    Liquid Capital, West Coast Financing Corp. is a Vancouver Island-based commercial finance/trade finance company that helps businesses grow and succeed until they become bankable. They serve the needs of small, medium and emerging middle-market enterprises, while still delivering the resources and service capabilities of a much larger financial services company. This means they are able to provide services to unmatched client service that is uniquely local, reliable and scalable. They are looking to connect with clients that can grow their business with confidence, knowing Liquid Capital will be able to fund and service them at every stage.
  • Enoch Cree Nation, ABM Co-hosts
    The Enoch Cree Nation (ECN) is situated in a unique and prominent geographical location, with a storied history of successful business ventures and continues to expand on current economic initiatives. Their current economic development activities include two gas bar and convenience stores, and the pride of the ECN being the River Cree Resort and Casino which is 100% owned by the ECN. Not resting on past success, the ECN continues to develop with Phase I of the River Cree Crossing currently under construction consisting of a 25,000 square foot office building and a 6,500 square foot Gas bar and convenience store including a 12 bay car wash and single drive through wash. Phase II planning has commenced with anticipated construction commencing in the spring of 2017. They are interested in connecting with companies and communities interested in diversifying into these areas.
  • Petro-Canada
    Petro-Canada is interested in building mutually beneficial, positive, long-term relationships. This is the primary focus when we explore new partnerships with Nations who want to own and operate their own independent Petro-Canada. We have over 20 Petro-Canada retail stations which are Aboriginally-owned and operated in Western Canada. We are looking to develop additional partnerships where a branded Petro-Canada is a strategic fit for both the First Nation community and Petro-Canada. They are interested connecting with communities interested in developing a Petro-Canada branded gas station on reserve or urban reserve land.
  • Parkland Fuel Corp.
    Parkland Fuel Corp is the largest independent fuel marketer in Canada with over 1100 sites in Canada. 500 of those sites are in Western Canada, representing companies such as ESSO, Chevron, FasGas Plus and Race Trac retail sites and now OTR in Western Canada. They are lookign to connect with communities to create First Nations sites to create their own brand or convert to existing brands, with the ability to a site with all aspects of opening a gas station with a successful convenience store and full offering to maximize its potential.
  • Resource Management International Inc.
    Resource Management International is a Saskatchewan-based civil engineering consulting firm offering full project management services for civil, structural and environmental engineering projects. They are looking to connect with communities and companies interested in services including preliminary site assessments from the design phases to construction management and quality control. Detailed designs and drawings along with contractual items of the project are included and the company has a diverse staff that offers 35 years of experience in their fields of expertise.
  • PlayWorks & ParkWorks
    PlayWorks and ParkWorks design playgrounds, water spray parks and skateboard parks, as well as providing site furnishings, picnic shelters, bridges, bleachers, sports goals, fitness equip. and signage. We are local representatives for a variety of national and international manufacturers of playground equipment and park amenities. They are looking to connect with communities interested in early stages of planning, design, cost estimating, grant applications, as well as the supply and installation of equipment.
  • GRC Camp Services
    GRC Camp Services is an emerging leader in top quality camp development and management, offering turnkey service for companies requiring lodging support across Western Canada. Their current business development projects include a bid in NE BC, the Coastal Gas Pipe Link project and also the Trans Mountain Expansion Project which will support pipeline and LNG work. Partnerships also include security and waste treatment companies. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal companies providing trucking and communities that can benefit from the construction of these workforce camps.
  • Heartland Timber Homes
    Heartland Timber Homes has developed a patented manufacturing and assembly system that dramatically reduces the cost and time of building timber-frame homes. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in equipment and training package to manufacture superior housing using local timber and local labor. They also have license agreement opportunities and provide on-going support for sustainable manufacturing enterprises, as well as job creation in forest harvesting, milling, and manufacturing, construction.
  • Ballad Consulting Group
    Ballad Consulting Group (BCG) is a consulting company currently work with a variety of Indigenous communities throughout Alberta in assisting with economic development goals. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in finding and delivering solutions to problems such as process improvement, executive development, employee training, business advisory, operations management.
  • Compass Group
    Compass Group is the country’s leading foodservice and support services company. From offices, schools and universities, hospitals and senior living communities, sports and cultural venues, to remote mining camps and offshore drilling platforms, the company prides itself on having the right offer for their customers all the time. They are looking to discuss a business joint venture with any community impacted by resource development projects.
  • Clearline Safety Management
    Clearline Safety Management delivers safety services that improve safety performance and provides advanced competency management solutions so that organizations can improve safety performance, safety results, and safety culture which leadd to decreased incident frequency and severity and people going home safely to their family and friends. We are specifically looking to connect with companies and communities that need to facilitate safety and training.
  • ESW
    ITnorth/ESW employs a team of 100 plus dedicated IT professionals who work together to implement client-centric solutions that align technology with business goals. Their approach to service means you gain access to a team of technical resources, account managers, consultants, IT specialists and product specialists who can immediately address your IT issues. They're looking to extend & strengthen their relationships within the Aboriginal business community, and use their experience to deliver the same great technology solutions to others with similar needs.
  • First Nation Software Solutions Inc.
    First Nation Software Solutions Inc is a small First Nation owned and operated software development company located in Gesgapegiag. Quebec, specializing in open source programs. Its flagship program is the First Nations Management System (FNMS) a data management system that integrates accounting, communications, case management, document management and human resource management into one program. FNSSI is looking to connect and build visibility for their First Nations Management System.
  • Dene Tha' First Nation
    Dene Tha’ First Nation economic activities include a gas station/food store; other stores (hardware, crafts, fur purchasing); a laundromat; a post office; a bottle depot; snack and coffee shop; Dene Tha’ Construction; and natural gas distribution. Member-owned businesses provide taxi service, home building and electrical services, and small engine repair.The Dene Tha’ (or People Common to the Territory, or Common Peoples) are divided into three separate communities located in Northwest Alberta – Bushe River, Meander River, and Chateh (formerly known as Assumption). Through Economic Strategic Planning, they plan to build upon existing businesses and ventures for sustainability and prosperity.
  • Business Link Indigenous Services
    Business Link is Alberta’s entrepreneurial hub. They are a non-profit organization that helps people start their own businesses by providing the tools to make entrepreneurs’ business idea a reality, and connecting them with the most relevant small business resources. Business Link offers one-on-one support to Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities across Alberta, from startup to expansion. Their team is primarily looking for networking and relationship building opportunities with leaders in Aboriginal business communities.
  • Aksis – Aboriginal Business & Professional Association
    Aksis is an Edmonton based, non-profit organization aimed at increasing business opportunities for their members: Aboriginal businesses and professionals in Edmonton. They coordinate networking and learning opportunities aimed at supporting and growing their memberships business. They're looking forward to connecting to Aboriginal businesses in an effort to promote and raise the profile of their products and services throughout Edmonton and Alberta.
  • Onion Lake Cree Nation
    Located 50 km north of Lloydminster, SK/AB, Onion Lake is situated on the border of Sask. and Alberta. Onion Lake Cree Nation has 80 business owners/entrepreneurs with 22 fluid haulers and 55 business owners in different business sectors; 95% are on reserve and 5% have businesses off the reserve. They are looking forward to obtaining more information on areas of financing and/or grant programs for First Nations peoples.
  • Indian Resource Council
    Indian Resource Council operates as a standalone entity of Horse Lake First Nation (HLFN). IRC's role is the protection of HLFN's lands and treaty rights by ensuring all potential impacts to the exercise of rights are avoided, mitigated and/or accommodated. They are looking to connect with company and communities with similar aspirations in forming true partnerships.
  • Valard Construction LP
    Valard Construction LP offers engineering, construction, finance and maintenance of energy projects and power transmission facilities; specializing in solar, hydro and wind power; fiber optics, sub-station design and construction and all related transmission and distribution infrastructure. They are looking forward to the opportunity to meet new potential partners and communicate and work together in the development of clean energy projects.
  • Tobique First Nation
    Tobique First Nation is one of six Wolastoqiyik or Maliseet Nation reserves in New Brunswick which is comprised of two lots. Their current economic development activities include the Tobique Gaming Center, Two Rivers Restaurant, and Tobique Convenience & Gas Bar. Tobique First Nation is looking to connect with companies and communities interested in potential joint ventures and partnership opportunities
  • Gift Lake Metis Settlement
    Gift Lake Metis Settlement is a community in northern Alberta with 1,300 members, of which 662 live on settlement. Gift Lake is a progressive community, which strives for economic prosperity and community sustainability. There are a number of successful businesses in the area owned by settlement members. A diverse range of employment opportunities are abundant in the agriculture, oil and gas, forestry, construction and retail and hospitality industries. They are looking forward to connecting with companies and communities interested in potential joint ventures and partnership opportunities.
  • Whitefish Lake First Nation #128
    Whitefish Lake First Nation is a community discovering its potential as an independent and self-governing Nation located in the northeastern part of Alberta. Their current economic development activities include a dry cleaning/garment factory, a bakery, gas/utility services, GFL Bussing Co., GFL Royal Bank, Pimee Well Service and GFL Vehicle Services, which are all managed under their business development arm. They are looking to connect with companies and communities interested in potential joint ventures and partnership opportunities.
  • Driftpile First Nation
    The 1500 member Driftpile Band is situated 30 kms. west of Swan River (or 3 hours and 15 minutes northwest of Edmonton). The Driftpile Reserve itself is over 15,000 acres in size and sprawls along 10 kms of shoreline on the south side of Lesser Slave Lake. The Driftpile First Nation, through practical management, is intent upon increasing the number of business opportunities available to its members; and advancing collective and individual self sufficiency with the assistance of the Economic Development Program. Economic Development self-sufficiency continues to be one of the primary objectives of the people of the Driftpile First Nation.
  • Saddle Lake Cree Nation
    Saddle Lake Cree Nation is an Amiskwacīwiyiniwak ("Beaver Hills Cree") division of the Plains Cree, located in central Alberta. The Nation is a signatory to Treaty 6. They are looking to develop business initiatives that will generate employment, training, wealth and a capital base from which the Cree Nation and the people can achieve economic self- reliance.
  • Kwantlen First Nation
    Kwantlen First Nation, ABM Host,  is a progressive community that has seen rapid growth in the areas of cultural resurgence and economic development including the opening of a new Cultural Center, a renewed focus on learning Halkomelem, and the annual First Salmon Ceremony. Kwantlen is in the process of transitioning into the First Nations Land Management Act, which will give Kwantlen the ability to opt out of 34 lands-related sections of the Indian Act and write their own laws pertaining to the management of their reserve lands. They are looking to connect with companies and communities interested in new partnership opportunities.
  • Sq'ewlets
    Sq'ewlets is a small, thriving community with two reserves. Their current economic development activities include the Squawkum Park Campground, which is open yearly from May to September, as well as Squawkum Creek Construction and Sqawkum Creek Electric, which provide local employment and partnerships with local companies in their respective industries. They are also partnering with Stsailes to develop opportunities in the fishing industry. They are actively pursuing opportunities to support a family eco-tourism destination and land development to assist in the development of a self-sustaining economy. They are currently conducting studies to identifying potential development sites and potential uses.
  • Fishing Lake Metis Settlement
    Fishing Lake Métis Settlement (in Cree, Packechawanis) is one of the original twelve colonies of the Métis people in Alberta, and one of the eight that now remain. Fishing Lake is located in Northeast Alberta on the eastern shores of Frog Lake. As an independent, self-governing community their connections to one another and the outside world are incredibly important. FLMS is involved in transportation, trucking, warehousing, as well as energy (Oil and Gas). They are looking to connect with companies and communities interested in potential joint ventures and partnership opportunities, with a focus on construction, education and training.
  • Urban Arts Architecture
    Urban Arts Architecture: building community by providing architectural services to First Nations interested in developing community facilities.  UAA's work in providing architectural services is focused in communities throughout British Columbia and the Yukon, but they have worked with clients as far away as Ontario. The expression of the particular regional and cultural contexts unique to each project area is fundamental to their design philosophy.They have experience in the following project areas: • health centres, schools, daycares, libraries, resource centres, community halls & kitchens,• recreational & multi-use facilities, offices,• theatres,• and arts and culture spaces. They're looking to connect with First Nations interested in developing community facilities.
  • Ministikwan Cree Nation
    The Cree speaking community of Ministikwan First Nation is located in Northwestern Saskatchewan, nearly one hundred kilometres West of Meadow Lake on a lake of the same name. The community features excellent hunting, fishing and lake related activities for the outdoor enthusiast. They are looking to form partnerships with businesses and companies in order to bring opportunities and future ventures to their community, with a focus on fisheries and aquaculture, forestry and energy and resources.
  • Cayoose Creek Indian Band
    Located in the beautiful interior of BC near Lillooet BC, Cayoose Creek Indian Band is the heart of the St'at'imc Nation, with an additional office presence in downtown Vancouver. They are actively seeking business opportunities and partnerships, with the band's youth playing a vital role in driving the future development of Cayoose Creek Indian Band. They are looking to meet with other like minded businesses in the clean energy sector, lending institutions, construction and engineering firms, and cultural tourism adventure companies.
  • Yunesit'in Government (Stone First Nation)
    Located 114 km West of Williams Lake, the Stone First Nation, or Yunesit'in First Nation, is a member the Tsilhqot'in Tribal Council, whose territory is the Chilcotin District in the western Central Interior region of the Canadian province of British Columbia. As part of the Tsilhqot'in National Government, Yunesit'in acts in concert with its fellow Tsilhqot'in member communities to create sustainable economic developments, manage forestry and fisheries, and evaluate mining, oil, and gas propositions in Tsilhqot'in Territory. They are looking to connect with companies and communities interested in potential joint ventures and partnership opportunities within the Agriculture and Bio-Tech & Tourism sectors.
  • ADK Holdings Ltd.
    Located in Fort Liard, NT., ADK Holdings Ltd. is the economic development corporation for the Acho Dene Koe First Nation and has subsidiaries and joint ventures involved in highways maintenance, oil field civil construction, real estate, remote site camps & catering, aviation, bulk and retail fuel distribution, heavy hauling and heavy lift. Subsidiaries of ADK Holdings are Beaver Enterprises LP, Acho Camps & Catering LP, Liard Fuel Centre LP, Acho Real Estate LP. They are looking to diversify their economic development by building positive, long-term relationships with organizations interested in either joint ventures or business ownership investment.
  • Domco Group of Canada LTD.
    Domco Group of Canada is one of the most trusted and well respected remote sites service providers in Canada. Fully Canadian and independently owned, Domco Group of Canada has been in operation since 1945. They offer integrated remote site solutions, including a nutritious and well planned menu cycle, long-term relationship building, and deep Canadian roots in remote locations with First Nations communities. They are looking to develop long-term business partnerships, specifically within the mining sector.
  • Manning Elliott LLP
    Manning Elliott LLP is a full service accounting firm specializing in audit, tax and consulting services. They provide consulting, audit and assurance services to Bands, Tribal Councils, associations, not-for-profit organizations, and privately held businesses. They are experts in Public Sector accounting and assurance standards and take pride in providing exceptional service for a fair fee. They are looking for new long-term relationships to assist First Nations, businesses and not-for profits prosper with innovative advice.
  • Sasuchan Development Corporation
    Located in Prince George BC, Sasuchan Development Corporation is the economic arm of the Takla Lake First Nation. The development corporation is at the concept and start-up phase of business development in forestry, mining services, road maintenance and remote camps. Their long term strategy is to add tourism, guiding, and log home construction once the core businesses are up and running with long term sustainable contracts. They are looking to connect with successful businesses in a variety of sectors to further develop their best practices and networks.
  • Business Fredericton North Inc.
    Business Fredericton North is the business improvement association on the Northside of Fredericton, representing approximately 210 businesses in both the boundaries of the BIA and greater area of Fredericton North. BFN works for the betterment of the business and community environments in the Main street improvement area (BIA), Fredericton North, and the city of Fredericton.. They're looking to assist St. Mary's First Nation with the promotion and communication of ABM Atlantic within the community.
  • Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat
    The Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs (APC) is a policy research and advocacy secretariat for 30 Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy and Innu communities spanning the 4 Atlantic Provinces and the Gaspé region of Quebec. With the support of the First Nation communities in Atlantic Canada, APC Secretariat follows a relationship vision that concentrates on partnership and cooperation, government to government relationships, dialogue and education, quality of life, and self-determination in First Nations Communities. In order to accomplish this, APC works closely with community members and leadership to get direction by providing all information in order that communities can make informed decisions.
  • Pimee Well Servicing LP
    Located in North-Eastern Alberta, Pimee Well Servicing has been serving the oilfield industry with well servicing and general maintenance services for many years. Their commitment to their customers and the environment and has made them a leader in their field. Since its inception in 1984, Pimee Well Servicing has been an Aboriginal leader in oil & gas industry well services. Pimee Well Servicing LP is unique in its ability to provide and implement a proven model of success for the harmonious development of an aboriginal oilfield service company. They are looking to expand their existing network and explore potential business opportunities.
  • White Water Management
    Whitewater Management is a privately-owned water management company based in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Whitewater Management's services include the sourcing, transportation, storage and recycling of water for hydraulic fracturing operations. The company works closely with its clients to custom design both temporary and semi-permanent water management programs that optimize both the economic feasibility and environmental sustainability of their projects. They are looking to increase and enhance their network, initiate in open and meaningful dialogue with potential partners, clients and organizations, and develop and create new economic opportunities for Whitewater Management and their partners.
  • Donovan & Company
    Donovan & Co are a full service Aboriginal law firm that works exclusively on the Aboriginal side. Based in Vancouver, B.C., with an additional office in Squamish, B.C., the practice focuses on establishing Aboriginal rights, including title; as well as establishing Nation prosperity through business development and corporate structuring. Donovan & Co represents approximately 50 First Nations, primarily in B.C. They are looking to connect with as many Nations as possible, answer any and all questions they may have about the assertion of Aboriginal rights, including title, and how to best leverage those rights into corporate opportunity to help their Nation down the road to prosperity.
  • Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery
    Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery began propagating native species for use in reclamation, remediation, and restoration of disturbed sites in North East BC in 2014. Their first season saw over 200,000 plugs sold to various clients and resulted in employment for 5 local First Nation members. Their goal is to provide quality products to industry to enable them to mitigate the impacts of their business on the environment and local communities.Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery strives to provide meaningful employment and training opportunities to the members of their two partners, Saulteau First Nations and West Moberly First Nations. They are looking to expand their clientele and to educate regarding our capacity and our products.
  • Wildstone Construction & Engineering Ltd.
    Wildstone Construction & Engineering Ltd. is a diversified construction and engineering group of companies, with multiple offices in Western and Northern Canada.  Voted in 2015 and 2016 as one of Canada's "50 Best Managed Companies", Wildstone Construction & Engineering Ltd. is an infrastructure specialist with experience in water, wastewater, LNG, oil/gas, mining, power generation (including diesel, biomass, solar, hydro and wind), critical infrastructure (schools, hospitals, health centres, mixed use facilities, multi-residential), pre-engineered buildings, abatement, wood grinding and landfill construction and operations. They are looking to increase their contact network and discuss partnership opportunities to develop and deliver infrastructure projects.
  • Wahnapitae First Nation
    Wahnapitae First Nation is an Ojibway First Nation band government in Ontario, who primarily reside on the Wahnapitae Indian Reserve No. 11 on the northwestern shore of Lake Wanapitei. The community is surrounded by mining (nickel exploration/mining, and gold exploration activity), forestry (pine and spruce harvesting) and tourist operations. The community is looking to strengthen their existing network, establish attractions that feed the local economic infrastructure and promote Aboriginal culture and awareness.
  • Maheeghan Industrial Services
    Maheeghan Industrial Services (MIS) is a joint venture between 4 Directions Ventures (4DV) and Industrial Employee Safety (IES). Both companies offer industrial safety services but in differing locales and markets. They are looking to establish key contacts within First Nations companies that require safety training and working with them to develop strategies to supply training within communities.
  • Athabasca Basin Security
    Athabasca Basin Security is an Aboriginal security company. The company is 100% owned by Aboriginal Northern communities in Saskatchewan. Specializing in providing industrial security in Saskatchewan and Alberta for large clients operating in mining, camps and oil refineries; they are looking for long term business partners to share in new opportunities across western Canada.
  • Sagamok Anishnawbek - ABM Co-host
    Sagamok Anishnawbek is a First Nation community situated at the mouth of the North Channel on Lake Huron. Located six kilometres south of the town of Massey, which is approximately halfway between the cities of Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie on the highway 17 corridor. Their community vision includes the development of a strong local economy – Sagamok Development Corporation was incorporated as a non-profit corporation that is responsible for community development. Sagamok Anishnawbek has also established a for-profit corporation which addresses proposed partnerships. They are interested in meeting with potential business partners in all areas.