Designed to produce results, ABM employs sophisticated online tools to offer a productive forum for communities and the private sector to conduct business. ABM levels the playing field to allow business connections to be made. The 2.5-day hyper-productive experience eliminates geographic barriers, condenses time requirements and reduces costs.

A custom-tailored schedule offers as many as 31 pre-qualified twenty-minute meetings over the course of the event. These pre-scheduled appointments keep the conversation focused and efficient,and help to determine the next steps if a business match has been made or is possible.

ABM Delegates register either as:
  1. Community Decision Makers representing Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal communities and/or community-owned economic development corporations; or
  2. Company Decision Makers representing Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations supporting business as well as government agencies funding Aboriginal economic development.
ABM connects its national network in two ways:
  1. Online profiles: ABM Delegates create detailed profiles on the ABM business matching platform. Fully searchable by conference attendee or industry focus, these profiles feature business priorities, projects and partnership opportunities as well as products and services either required or offered.
  2. One-on-one pre-scheduled appointments: ABM Delegates choose to meet in a confidential setting through the prepared selection of potential business matches.

At ABM, solid preparation leads to success. Much of the pre-event conversation takes place via the ABM message system. The more engaged delegates are in researching potential business matches and creating connections through the system, the more benefit they will see.