ABM is based on the belief that building effective business relationships between Aboriginal communities, their non-Aboriginal neighbours and the private sector is imperative to the future of Canada’s economy, and to society as a whole.

ABM also believes that Aboriginal businesses and entrepreneurs are a vital catalyst for change through the creation of wealth and employment. Their economic activity enhances the conditions in which communities can prosper.

One of our goals is to benefit Aboriginal entrepreneurs, businesses and communities in the pursuit of their business goals.

ABM is Aboriginal-driven and aims to attract:
  • Aboriginal businesses that want to find partners and access new markets;
  • Aboriginal communities at any stage of economic development, who are prepared to move their business goals forward;
  • companies that are in tune with the vast opportunities and unique characteristics of Aboriginal economic and business development;
  • companies that want to learn how to do business effectively in the Aboriginal space; and
  • non-Aboriginal communities that want to work with their Aboriginal neighbours.

ABM communities and companies want to do good business together. All delegates are willing to offer a helping hand, be a sounding board or referral service. ABM requires all delegates to offer concrete business opportunities available for discussion at the event from economic development planning to mergers and acquisitions.  Every ABM Delegate agrees to respect the other’s business interests and commits to active engagement in the business matching process before and during the event. Every appointment represents a potential business opportunity. Every no-show, cancellation or pending appointment request can result in a lost opportunity.

It is understood and respected that companies will attend with the goal to sell goods and services. However, preference is given to those companies that provide business opportunities extending beyond a “simple” customer/supplier relationship, including training, employment and partnership. The ABM Partners Group carefully selects companies and not all applicants will be successful. ABM reserves the right to approve or decline applications at the sole discretion of the Group, and is not obliged to provide a rationale to companies that are not approved.