2017 Evaluation Results by Insights West



96% of attendees are satisfied with the value received from ABM, plan to attend ABM in the future and say the preparation process was easy, and the time invested into preparation was worthwhile.

89% of attendees have developed their networking and business development skills as a direct result of ABM.

The highest level of satisfaction with specific aspects of ABM is observed for Delegate Services Provided by Raven Events (99%),  Appointment Selection Features and Message Board (98%), Quality of Pre-Scheduled Appointments (96%) and Location (93%). 94% of attendees say the duration of ABM is “very good” or “good”.


The most important goals and benefits of attendees are “developing new business opportunities and relationships” (99%), “desire to understand the needs and strengths of potential business partners” (98%), “strengthening existing relationships” (92%), “promotion and exposure of own community, project, venture, products and services” (91%) and “increase of expertise to do business with Indigenous communities (also 91%).

93% of attendees say they accomplished what they set out to achieve at ABM.


21% have completed concrete business deals at the event. 69% expected to close deals as a result of the most recent ABM they attended.
99% of attendees established new contacts, with 29% saying they made more than 11 contacts.
82% of attendees say ABM facilitated a chance to make connections with decision-makers they did not have a scheduled meeting with.
55% say their labour force development, employment or training needs have been supported as a direct result of ABM.