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  • Acadia First Nation
    Acadia First Nation is an economically strategic, innovative and partnership-focused Nation based in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Composed of five Mi'kmaw First Nation reserves, Acadia First Nation is striving towards unity with a land base of no geographical boundaries. Their current businesses include a right-based harvest fisheries company, licensed gaming operations, and a saw mill.
  • Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Aboriginal Banking
    The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Aboriginal Banking is dedicated to supporting the establishment and expansion of Aboriginal-owned businesses through financing and tailored advisory services. They are looking to provide financing solutions (long-term financing, venture capital, subordinate financing) and advisory services to First Nation, Metis and Inuit entrepreneurs, and community-owned businesses.
  • Elections Canada
    Elections Canada is the independent, non-partisan agency responsible for conducting federal elections and referendums. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities to provide employment opportunities and learn how to better offer voter services.
  • QM Environmental
    QM Environmental, National ABM Partner, is a full-service environmental contractor searching for mutually beneficial business opportunities with First Nation communities. Training and employment is a primary objective of the QMLP Aboriginal Inclusion and Capacity Building Strategy including environmental remediation, demolition and emergency response.
  • 1 Nation Distribution
    1 Nation Distribution is Indigenous owned and operated and is a unique business and distribution model managed by First Nations business leaders to promote healthy, regional economies. They look for products created by the First Nations community for commercial sale, that meet all industry standards, and offer it through the 1 Nation Distribution website and channels. The company has full access to all products and services provided by its “Strategic Partners", such as GRAND & TOY. They mainly distribute goods to the hotel, Casino and Lodge supply chain. They are the proud official distributor of Spirit Bear Coffee.  
  • First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB)
    First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB) is Canada's only legislated body that develops and publishes Financial Administration Law, Financial Performance and Financial Management System Standards for First Nation Governments. FMB offers tools and templates and may be able to provide capacity development funding to First Nations.
  • Mississauga First Nation
    Mississauga First Nation, 2016 Co-host of ABM East, is located directly west of Blind River, Ontario and influence over 40,000 acres of land. They are aiming to attract corporate partners for development purposes in sectors such as grocery store franchising, forestry, mining, hydro, business parks and Casino and gaming.
  • Ontario First Nations Economic Developers Association (OFNEDA)
    Ontario First Nations Economic Developers Association (OFNEDA) is a membership-based, not-for-profit incorporation that represents 133 Economic Development Officers/Practitioners in Ontario. OFNEDA is looking to build partnerships and grow its membership in order to continue showcasing the positive economic development success stories from across the country.  
  • PetroMaxx Construction
    PetroMaxx Construction is a national petroleum contractor specializing in the design and construction of gas stations as well as convenience and branded food partner stores. They are looking to partner with First Nation communities.
  • Public Services and Procurement Canada
    Within Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) was created in 2005 to advocate on behalf of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in federal procurement. This government agency is mandated to increase SME participation and understanding of the Federal Government procurement process, which is an $18 billion market.
  • Waubetek Business Development Corporation
    Waubetek Business Development Corporation, the business arm of Waubetek First Nation, has the goal to strengthen the economies of the local First Nation, as well as the whole region of Ontario, through business and community development. They have many initiatives in various industries and would like to find the partners who will provide meaningful capacity building and employment for their membership.
  • Pinchin
    Pinchin is a private Canadian company staffed with offices from St. John’s to Victoria. They offer environmental health and safety consulting across Canada and are looking to create meaningful partnerships with First Nations, and to bring sound environmental engineering, consulting and science into the communities
  • HUB International
    HUB International has the longest running First Nations Program in Canada over 40+ years. They specialize in and would like to connect with First Nation Communities, Economic Development Corporations, Aboriginal Businesses and non-profit organizations manage risk and insurance placement.
  • HIAH Corporation
    HIAH Corp. is the business arm of M'Chigeeng First Nation. Current economic development business initiatives include the Business Development Centre and Grocery Store, wind power (turbines) and solar projects both off and on reserve. They have also conducted two phases of community energy audit through the ACEP (Aboriginal Community Energy Plan) project and are looking to connect with companies interested in creating partnerships in these areas.
  • Barkley Project Group Ltd
    Barkley Project Group Ltd. is a project management consulting firm specializing in renewable energy development. Our firm provides technical and management services to assist communities and developers in navigating the complex processes of clean energy project development. We provide the experienced management capacity needed to succeed in renewable energy project development.
  • Woodward & Company LLP, National ABM Partner
    Woodward & Company LLP, National ABM Partner, is a law firm working exclusively for First Nations. Known as the "rights and title" firm, they are hoping to make their experience in business law aware in the Aboriginal market. They are looking for partnerships who might be interested in negotiating impact benefit agreements, developing corporate structures, complex financing and secured transactions, all tax matters, and all aspects of on and off-reserve lands development, including governance issues.
  • SITE Resource Group Inc.
    We are an energy and resource based infrastructure construction contractor working in Western Canada, we specialize in heavy civil earthworks, piling, pipeline, mechanical construction as well as survey, clearing, mulching, grubbing, environmental reclamation and remediation. We are a privately owned business based on the fundamentals of working safely, respecting our clients and the communities we work in, with exceptional quality management.
    MNP's Aboriginal Services team offers a full suite of accounting, tax and consulting services to help Aboriginal communities succeed. They are interested in supporting the development of partnerships and collaborations between Aboriginal communities, businesses and individuals who are interested in customized training solutions, hands-on training sessions, and leadership training programs.
  • Hazelwood Group of Companies
    The Hazelwood Group of companies is a privately owned, Nanaimo based organization made up of several different companies. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in diverse heavy civil construction projects, including run-of-river hydro developments, bridge installations, road construction, water & sewer main installations, as well as a variety of industrial, commercial and residential construction developments and stone exploration.
  • Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
    The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business is a national member-based non-profit organization dedicated to the full promotion of Aboriginal people in Canada's economy. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal entrepreneurs to collaborate in ways that might help them expand and improve their businesses. They also hope to connect with mainstream companies looking to improve their Aboriginal relations strategies.
  • First Nations Power Authority
    First Nations Power Authority of Saskatchewan (FNPA) works for our members to facilitate the development of Saskatchewan First Nations led renewable power projects and promote First Nations participation in procurement opportunities with SaskPower. FNPA is a not-for profit organization headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and is unique in its mission to engage and include First Nations in the province’s power industry. Currently FNPA, and more importantly Saskatchewan First Nations, are poised to become an important component of SaskPower’s plan to have 50% renewables by 2030. Our members share a commitment to sustainability through social, economic and environmental values. With a portfolio of environmentally preferred power generation projects and strong growth prospects, our Industry Members are positioned to partner with Saskatchewan First Nations to generate stable, long-term cash flows for the benefit of First Nations communities, the Province, and the environment.
  • Clarence Campeau Development Fund - ABM Co-Host
    The Clarence Campeau Development Fund (CCDF) was established by The Métis Society of Saskatchewan Inc to provide financial assistance where currently there is a void for Métis clients. They would like to create awareness of programs available to Metis Entrepreneurs, including their Business Plan Program, Loan Equity Program and Community Business Development Program.
  • McDougall Energy, National ABM Partner
    McDougall Energy, National ABM Partner, is one of the largest gasoline-retailing and commercial networks in Canada and an ABM National Partner. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in creating a partnerships with an Esso retailer, On the Run Franchisee and Key to the Highway Dealer.
  • RBC Royal Bank
    RBC Royal Bank is a financial services leader in Canada with an interest in promoting First Nations interests and forges relationships based on understanding, trust and respect. They are looking to working closely with Aboriginal communities to address issues and opportunities that have importance not only to Aboriginal peoples, but to all Canadians. These include access to banking and capital, community and social development, employment.
  • Jouta Performance Group Inc.
    Jouta Performance Group Inc. are an outsourced Human Resources specialists. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in the placing day-to-day HR practices and policies that nurture an organization’s culture, protect them against legislative threats and drive their productivity. They also assist large companies merging together; small start-ups taking their first HR steps; and companies growing.
  • Kent-Macpherson
    Kent-Macpherson is recognized as one of Western Canada's leading authorities in independent real estate valuation, consulting and advisory services. They are looking to create and build deeper partnerships with First Nations communities, based on their unmatched land planning and development expertise.
  • Horizon North, National ABM Partner
    Horizon North, National ABM Partner, is a leader in industrial, commercial and residential modular manufacturing. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in turnkey solutions can provide temporary, permanent, and "open camps", as well as hotels, health centers, resort property, luxury homes, affordable housing for high-density areas and remote communities and individual residences.
  • Interior Heavy Equipment Operator School
    Interior Heavy Equipment Operator School has been providing industry-recognized training for students to attain the skills and knowledge required to successfully gain and maintain employment as heavy equipment operators. They are looking to create meaningful connections with Aboriginal communities interested in training/refreshing/additional skills and assisting industry in filling the positions they need filled.
  • Ermineskin Resources Development Ltd.
    Ermineskin Resources Development Ltd. (ERD) is a 100% First Nation owned company that specializes in oil and gas construction and maintenance that is run and operated in our First Nation. Their division, called Ermineskin Industrial Relations, is made up of a team consisting of ERD, Consultation, Tribal Relationships with other First Nations, Community Economic Development, and Training through our ASSETS division. They also have MOU's and JV's with various partners that are Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities who are interested in diversification and mutual growth.
  • Splatsin Development Corporation
    Splatsin Development Corporation is the business arm of Splatsin Indian Band, providing wealth to through creating and operating profitable businesses, enhancing skills and capacity development, facilitating business development, and generating income and job opportunities. They are actively seeking opportunities in various sectors within the traditional territory including mining, agriculture, independent power production, energy, forestry, environmental services, construction and tourism.
  • Okanagan Office Systems
    Okanagan Office Systems is a 100% owned Aboriginal business, offering a full line of office stationery supplies and furniture. They have two divisions in Kelowna and Kamloops, BC, which are both certified Ricoh Office Equipment and Solutions Dealers. They are looking to connect with potential partners who are focused on the human side of productivity and the practical applications of digital innovation.
  • Knucewentwecw Development Corporation
    Knucewentwecw Development Corporation is a member of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council. Their current ventures and economic development activities include Painted Rock Aggregates & Contracting LLP and a Big Sky Husky Station. They are looking to find opportunities in the area of agriculture and bio-tech, energy and mining and manufacturing.
  • Ecora Engineering & Resources Group
    Ecora Engineering & Resources Group is an engineering, natural resource and environmental consulting company. Their team has a healthy balance of local experts, academics, and senior professionals that work closely with operational staff to deliver the highest quality products. They are looking to leverage strong First Nation relationships built through Ecora Resource Group into opportunities that will last for generations to come.
  • Enerpro Systems Corp.
    Enerpro is North America’s only provider of full-service, intelligent, energy management programs for new construction and infrastructure upgrades in retrofitted buildings, since 1996. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities in the establishment and management of self-owned utilities.
  • FleishmanHillard, National ABM Partner
    FleishmanHillard, National ABM Partner, is a global communications consultancy serving clients across various sectors. FH's Vancouver office has been serving public and private sector clients throughout B.C. since 1994. They are looking to networks and grow relationships with Aboriginal communities and companies who are interested in decades of experience in strategic communications, public affairs, government relations, media relations and training, corporate and marketing communications.
  • Penticton Indian Band Development Corp. (ABM Co-Host)
    Penticton Indian Band Development Corp. is the business arm of the Penticton Indian Band, with deeply rooted values in the traditional qualities of our community and provide meaningful employment opportunities for our people. They currently oversee three limited partnerships: Westhills Aggregate LP, Coyote Cruises LP, Sn’pink’tn Forestry LP and are looking to diversify their economy with more opportunities.
  • Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation - ABM Co-Host
    Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation (SIEF) offers commercial and agriculture lending and business consulting services to First Nations businesses in Saskatchewan. They are looking to create economic development contacts with the First Nations of Saskatchewan to deliver Business and/or Entrepreneurial training and workshops.
  • Canadian Western Bank
    Canadian Western Bank is a chartered bank with its headquarters and principal operations in Western Canada. With 42 branches across the four western provinces, they strive to be efficient, down-to-earth and responsive in their services. They are looking to connect with a bank that specialized in commercial, equipment financing, real estate construction financing, energy lending, deposits and cash management.
  • Williams Lake Indian Band
    Williams Lake Indian Band is a progressive community that recognizes the need for sustainable long-term economic development. Their current economic development activities include WLIB/Lake Excavating Construction Joint Venture, Borland Creek Logging, Sugar Cane Petroleum Products (Chief Will-yum Gas Bar), Coyote Rock Golf Course and the Chief Will-Yum Campsite. They are looking to connect with investors and partners in the areas of real estate development or leasing, agriculture, mining and forestry to further the build-out of their lands along the Highway 97 corridor.
  • Coldwater Indian Band
    Coldwater Indian Band is a proactive Nation in the area of the Nicola Valley. They are looking to connect with potential construction, tourism, gas station/grocery store development, small wood mill operations, wood chipping, industrial site and land leasing opportunities.
  • Xeni Gwet'in First Nation
    Xeni Gwet'in First Nation is one of six communities of the Chilcotin Nation. Their current economic development activities include community infrastructure operation & management, public road contracts, construction, retail store, laundry mat, gas station, and more. They are looking to connect with companies interested in airport improvement, road maintaining, dangerous tree removal, renewable energy, as well as comprehensive planning stage now (title land) involving public works, culture, language, health, wellness, housing, land & resource management, education, training and governance.
  • Toosey Indian Band
    Toosey Indian Band is situated on a beautiful scenic plot of land with rolling grasslands and large Douglas fir timber along the perimeter and within. Their current economic development activities include Chilcotin Plateau Enterprise Ltd., commercial woodshop and portable sawmill, health and administration building, gas bar, outdoor hockey rink and a old district elementary school. They are looking to enhance the business at the school, as well as tourism, clean energy, and agriculture opportunities.
  • FHQ Developments Ltd. - ABM Co-Host
    FHQ Developments Ltd. represents 11 member First Nation communities along with the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council. Their current economic development activities include the Swift Current Home Inn & Suites, a 50% equity share in an oil and gas drilling rig with CanElson Drilling Inc., a construction and site services partnership with Points Athabasca FHQ Contracting and Graham Business Trust, and a new partnership focused on metal fabrication - FHQ Mechanicals. FHQ Developments also delivers a range of labour market development and employment services in partnership with the Government of Saskatchewan, including workplace readiness, client assessment and recruitment services, and a wide range of workplace retention strategies with employers.
  • BDO Canada
    BDO Canada, National ABM Partner, provides practical business and commercial advice to both First Nations and businesses seeking to transact with First Nations alike. They also provide professional financial services such as audit, accounting and taxation advice, where our specialists provide a mixture of commoditized and specialist advice that is competitively priced and well-regarded. They are looking to connect with community and company decision makers interested in these services.
  • TIPI/IMI Insurance Partnership
    TIPI/IMI Insurance Partnership is a brokerage company specializing in Employee Benefits Plans for First Nation, Inuit and Metis employers. They are 100% Aboriginally-owned with all offices operating on reserve and looking to connect with Nations interested in their services. Their slogan: We Know Aboriginal People, We Are Aboriginal People.
  • Sturgeon Lake Developments Ltd.
    Sturgeon Lake Developments Ltd. is located approximately 50 km northwest of Prince Albert. Their current economic development activities include real estate, construction, manufacturing and agriculture. Strategic areas of focus when considering investments and partnerships are real estate, construction and mining. Additional information include the extensive resource of gravel available on the First Nation which is an area of economic focus and Sturgeon Lake First Nation is a Treaty Land Entitlement First Nation with the advantage of purchasing lands in Saskatchewan and converting to reserve status translating to potential land development opportunities. They are looking to develop and create potential partnerships and potential investments in these strategic areas of focus.
  • Shxw'owhamel First Nation
    Shxw'owhamel First Nation follows the Si:yam government system, giving all families in the community equal representation on the Council. Their current economic development activities include: Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline; Zella Holdings; CP/CN Railway; Debris Catch; a Five Mile Fishery; and initiatives around land codes, new water main and new housing. They are looking to connect with companies and communities interested in joint ventures and partnerships in these areas.
  • Okanagan Nation Alliance - BRIDGES
    The goal of the BRIDGES program is to create an innovative and culturally grounded process for Okanagan youth ages 15-30 for successfully finding meaning and place within themselves and their community, preparing them to enter into employment or training opportunities. Each of the participants goes through a program that includes three youth camps, skills training, and cultural education. Creative community methodologies and the PYE framework serve as a foundational pathway for participants to connect with self, family, and community. Connection with the land is key also as participants learn the cycles, foods, medicines, and many of the insights of Syilx culture. They are interested in connecting with companies and communities to create potential partnerships and joint ventures that understand the interconnectedness of our tmuxlaxw, our relatives, and the Food Chiefs, much like the youth do.
  • Enoch Cree Nation, ABM Co-Host
    The Enoch Cree Nation (ECN) is situated in a unique and prominent geographical location, with a storied history of successful business ventures and continues to expand on current economic initiatives. Their current economic development activities include two gas bar and convenience stores, and the pride of the ECN being the River Cree Resort and Casino which is 100% owned by the ECN. Not resting on past success, the ECN continues to develop with Phase I of the River Cree Crossing currently under construction consisting of a 25,000 square foot office building and a 6,500 square foot Gas bar and convenience store including a 12 bay car wash and single drive through wash. Phase II planning has commenced with anticipated construction commencing in the spring of 2017. They are interested in connecting with companies and communities interested in diversifying into these areas.
  • Petro-Canada
    Petro-Canada is interested in building mutually beneficial, positive, long-term relationships. This is the primary focus when we explore new partnerships with Nations who want to own and operate their own independent Petro-Canada. We have over 20 Petro-Canada retail stations which are Aboriginally-owned and operated in Western Canada. We are looking to develop additional partnerships where a branded Petro-Canada is a strategic fit for both the First Nation community and Petro-Canada. They are interested connecting with communities interested in developing a Petro-Canada branded gas station on reserve or urban reserve land.
  • Skwah First Nation
    Skwah First Nation is a vibrant community with a variety of private and public enterprises, features a mix of agricultural and residential land and also teaching children from the community and surrounding areas for 33 years, fostering the values of self-worth & self-preservation through the cultural connection within our children's family traditions, elder teachings and community involvement.
  • Neskonlith Indian Band
    The Neskonlith Indian Band is a First Nations community located south central part of BC. The Neskonlith Indian Band consists of three reserve land bases, each of these land base consists of a combination of community infrastructure facilities that are critical to the overall socio-economic health and wellbeing of the community.  Neskonlith owns a corporation called Sk’atsin Resources LTD and has recently formed a Limited Partnership with Infracon called Sk’atsin Infracon Site Services LP.
  • Greyback Construction Ltd.
    Greyback Construction Ltd. is a leader in Construction Management with over 25 years of experience managing projects of varying sizes and complexity, offering services in Construction Management and General Contracting with emphasis on concrete speciality and design/build projects. They are currently in partnership with the Penticton Indian Band Development Corporation to develop Skaha Hills, a 500-acre mixed-use residential community of 600 homes with protected lands surrounding the community. Proposed amenities include golf, beachfront access, hiking trails, pools and sports courts. Greyback is also proud to have been a part of Nk'Mip Cellars, North America's first Aboriginal owned and operated winery, part of the Osoyoos Indian Band's long-term plan. They are looking to make meaningful connections with communities interested in their services.
  • BC Ministry Jobs, Trade & Technology
    The BC Ministry of Jobs, Trade & Technology pursues strategic opportunities to promote British Columbia internationally as a preferred place to invest and do business by delivering services that accelerate the province's exports, attract strategic investments including international offices, develop international partnerships, and increase awareness of B.C.’s competitive advantages, as well as negotiating and managing trade agreements and delivery of venture capital programs. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal entrepreneurs and communities interested in international trade, including exporter services and investment matching.
  • Co-operatives First
    Co-operatives First is a non-profit business development organization with expertise, resources, and connections that can help guide a group through the process of creating a new co-operative business. Some of our specific services include: facilitation for community meetings, support for logistics and They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in their services, including management, mediation of differing opinions, pathfinding between ideas and communities, and connection to resources, expertise, and service-providers that can benefit a project.
  • Native Education College
    Native Education College is located in Vancouver, BC and known for preparing Aboriginal learners to pursue higher education which is a key component to economic development. They are currently partnered with Musqueam/Squamish/Tsleil-Waututh Nations, Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Center Society and Aboriginal Mother's Center Education. They are seeking collaboration opportunities with Aboriginal communities and businesses.
  • Silver Beach Consulting Inc.
    Silver Beach Consulting Inc. specializes in grant writing, proposals, business plans, training, strategy and building capacity. They are looking to connect with First Nations communities and organizations to develop relationships and working partnerships. They are also looking to learn about their opportunities and challenges, and understand what needs they may have for support services and capacity development.
  • Valley Traffic Systems
    Valley Traffic Systems produces all regulatory and provincial standard road signs for British Columbia, Alberta & now Saskatchewan, as authorized by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. They provide complete traffic management services, from signage and equipment sales and rentals, to lane closure technicians and traffic control personnel to permit acquisition and traffic management plan development. They are looking to connect with communities and organizations to build mutually beneficial relationships and opportunities.
  • Chawathil First Nation
    Chawathil First Nation is made up of 5 reserves located in Hope, BC. They are currently looking for economic development through their forestry business, tourism opportunities for their old village site, a small parcel of land for future development and a sandpit wanting to develop business. The Nation would like to prepare for land code development by encouraging landowners to utilize land for business development or residential development and other project ideas.
  • Economic Development Regina Inc. - ABM Co-Host
    Economic Development Regina Inc. is the lead economic development agency for the Greater Regina Area. It provides leadership to the community with specific accountability by ensuring the Greater Regina Area offers a vibrant and diversified economy for investors, is a positive destination experience for visitors and offers a high quality of life for residents. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities to understand their objectives for off-reserve investment and business development, as well as create opportunities for business in the Greater Regina Area.
  • Compass Group Canada/ESS Support Services
    ESS Support Services is the Canadian market leader in remote full-service hospitality management. ESS provides foodservice, housekeeping, janitorial, recreation, maintenance & related support assistance to clients, wherever their location, no matter how extreme the environment. Services extend to all regions of Canada and include such facilities as drill camps, pipeline camps, oil and gas installations, mining camps, construction camps, permanent facilities, forestry camps, and military situations. ESS is Gold certified in the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business’s Progressive Aboriginal Relations Program. Our Aboriginal Joint Venture program reflects our commitment to developing true partnerships with local communities in the regions where we do business. In addition to sharing in the profits flowing from local operations, local communities benefit from our preferred Aboriginal hiring and supplier policies.
  • Aksis – Aboriginal Business & Professional Association
    Aksis is an Edmonton based, non-profit organization aimed at increasing business opportunities for their members: Aboriginal businesses and professionals in Edmonton. They coordinate networking and learning opportunities aimed at supporting and growing their memberships business. They're looking forward to connecting to Aboriginal businesses in an effort to promote and raise the profile of their products and services throughout Edmonton and Alberta.
  • Indian Resource Council
    IRC was founded in 1987 by Chiefs representing the oil and gas producing First Nations, following the recommendation of a task force that was established to study the role of the Crown in the management of First Nations oil and natural gas resources. An expanded and restructured Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) was established at the same time. The work and activities of the IRC are guided by the mandates that were approved and adopted at previous AGM’s in 1993 and 1995. These mandates, which are currently being revamped, are as follows: To support First Nations in their efforts to attain greater management and control of their oil and natural gas resources; To complement initiatives by individual First Nations to gain economic self reliance and to ensure the preservation of the Crown Trust obligations under Treaties with First Nations; To coordinate the promotion of initiatives with Federal and provincial governments, with industry and with other groups associated with oil, natural gas and related activities to enhance economic benefits realized by the First Nations from resource development; To encourage a greater development and utilization of First Nations human resources in oil, natural gas and related activities; To transform IOGC into a First Nations institution, working in partnership with the IOGC co-management Board. To this end work towards the establishment of an oil and gas business centre, and a First Nations oil and gas institution in the long term.
  • Whitefish Lake First Nation #128
    WFLN is located 220 km northeast of Edmonton , Alberta, in the region of cold lake /llb/conklin ab. WFLN is a proactive community who was in business for over 50 years in Industrial Dry Cleaning and Industrial Garment Manufacturing, further, it has several Service Drilling Rigs , Type 1 Firetack Crews,. WFLN boasts of its skilled labor workforce with approximately 120 skilled laborers , 30 apprentices and over 150 trained laborers. Additionaly, WFLN continues to develop and engage in new partners , with a win-win approach attitude.
  • Driftpile Cree Nation
    Driftpile is a Cree speaking community located in Treaty 8 Alberta Territory and on approximately 15,000 acres on the south shores of Lesser Slave Lake. It is accessible by primary Highway 2 and rail. Driftpile is located 52 kms east of High Prairie and 76 kms west of Slave Lake. Driftpile is approximately 320 kms NW of Edmonton, AB. There is another small business centre approximately 26 kms east.  
  • Kwantlen First Nation
    Kwantlen First Nation, ABM Host,  is a progressive community that has seen rapid growth in the areas of cultural resurgence and economic development including the opening of a new Cultural Center, a renewed focus on learning Halkomelem, and the annual First Salmon Ceremony. Kwantlen is in the process of transitioning into the First Nations Land Management Act, which will give Kwantlen the ability to opt out of 34 lands-related sections of the Indian Act and write their own laws pertaining to the management of their reserve lands. They are looking to connect with companies and communities interested in new partnership opportunities.
  • Fishing Lake Metis Settlement
    Fishing Lake Métis Settlement (in Cree, Packechawanis) is one of the original twelve colonies of the Métis people in Alberta, and one of the eight that now remain. Fishing Lake is located in Northeast Alberta on the eastern shores of Frog Lake. As an independent, self-governing community their connections to one another and the outside world are incredibly important. FLMS is involved in transportation, trucking, warehousing, as well as energy (Oil and Gas). They are looking to connect with companies and communities interested in potential joint ventures and partnership opportunities, with a focus on construction, education and training.
  • Cayoose Creek Indian Band
    Located in the beautiful interior of BC near Lillooet BC, Cayoose Creek Indian Band is the heart of the St'at'imc Nation, with an additional office presence in downtown Vancouver. They are actively seeking business opportunities and partnerships, with the band's youth playing a vital role in driving the future development of Cayoose Creek Indian Band. They are looking to meet with other like minded businesses in the clean energy sector, lending institutions, construction and engineering firms, and cultural tourism adventure companies.
  • ADK Holdings Ltd.
    Located in Fort Liard, NT., ADK Holdings Ltd. is the economic development corporation for the Acho Dene Koe First Nation and has subsidiaries and joint ventures involved in highways maintenance, oil field civil construction, real estate, remote site camps & catering, aviation, bulk and retail fuel distribution, heavy hauling and heavy lift. Subsidiaries of ADK Holdings are Beaver Enterprises LP, Acho Camps & Catering LP, Liard Fuel Centre LP, Acho Real Estate LP. They are looking to diversify their economic development by building positive, long-term relationships with organizations interested in either joint ventures or business ownership investment.
  • Wahnapitae First Nation - ABM Co-Host
    Wahnapitae First Nation is an Ojibway First Nation band government in Ontario, who primarily reside on the Wahnapitae Indian Reserve No. 11 on the northwestern shore of Lake Wanapitei. The community is surrounded by mining (nickel exploration/mining, and gold exploration activity), forestry (pine and spruce harvesting) and tourist operations. The community is looking to strengthen their existing network, establish attractions that feed the local economic infrastructure and promote Aboriginal culture and awareness.
  • Sagamok Anishnawbek - ABM Co-host
    Sagamok Anishnawbek is a First Nation community situated at the mouth of the North Channel on Lake Huron. Located six kilometres south of the town of Massey, which is approximately halfway between the cities of Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie on the highway 17 corridor. Their community vision includes the development of a strong local economy – Sagamok Development Corporation was incorporated as a non-profit corporation that is responsible for community development. Sagamok Anishnawbek has also established a for-profit corporation which addresses proposed partnerships. They are interested in meeting with potential business partners in all areas.
  • Enterprise Truck Rental
    Enterprise Truck Rental are proud to provide truck rentals to their customers with the same high level of service for which Enterprise has become known. They currently work with numerous First Nations, helping implement transparent travel and fleet plans throughout British Columbia. They are looking to make executive level connections with First Nations companies and communities looking to exploit their expertise in fleet management and travel rental programs.
  • City of Greater Sudbury - ABM Co-Host
    Offering a unique mix of urban amenities and natural surroundings, Greater Sudbury is a thriving landscape. The city has a flourishing and diversified economy that contributes much more than ore to the global economy. Sudbury’s business-friendly environment is as dynamic as it is diverse. While they are a leader in mining and mining supply services, their economic base has evolved into a regional centre with an international focus. Greater Sudbury is committed to developing locally and marketing globally.
  • Atikameksheng Anishnawbek - ABM Co-Host
    Atikameksheng Anishnawbek are descendents of the Ojibway, Algonquin and Odawa Nations. The First Nation is located approximately 19 km West of the Greater City of Sudbury. The current land base is 43,747 acres, much of it being deciduous and coniferous forests, surrounded by eight lakes, with eighteen lakes within its boundaries. The are looking to further their community through strong economic partnerships and employment and training opportunities.
  • Christina River Enterprises
    Christina River Enterprises (CRE) is wholly owned by Fort McMurray #468 First Nation located in the Wood Buffalo Region. Since 1987, CRE has been a leader in providing quality services including: construction & site services, custodial & distribution services, and transportation services. They are looking for business development opportunities as they pertain to their core businesses, partners and members who belong to our Business Association.
  • Munnings Law
    Munnings Law is a law firm based on Anishnabe values of: wisdom; love; respect; bravery; honesty; humility; and truth. These values are also known as the seven grandfathers, and create a culture based on striving to be a good person. The main areas of practice for Munnings Law are First Nations, business, and societies; Indigenous Business – Seven Generation Thinking. They are looking to meet with First Nations, Businesses and communities to provide information on services and create relationships that may result in future clients.
  • Fisher Powerline Construction Ltd.
    Fisher Powerline Construction Ltd. is a Canadian, Aboriginally owned company headquartered in Fort McMurray, Alberta and operating nationally with regional offices located in Edmonton, Thunder Bay.They provide a full suite of power line and industrial electrical construction/maintenance services. With a highly skilled, experienced, motivated workforce and an extensive fleet of equipment, FPC is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of their Industrial and Utility clients. They are looking to create new strategic construction and/or maintenance opportunities with utility or industrial clients as an aboriginal supplier.
  • E.D.S. Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd.
    EDS Pumps & Water Treatment is a 55 year old company located in Langley, British Columbia that specializes in pump systems and water treatment for residential, commercial, communities and industrial applications. EDS designs and builds systems which are utilized throughout British Columbia, the Yukon and Alberta. They also build and ship containerized pump/water treatment systems for remote locations and emergency response plans internationally. They are looking to build relationships and business contacts with businesses and communities that can utilize our products and services.
  • Carbon Bite Innovations
    Carbon Bite Innovations (Solar) is a full service solar power installation company operating across Canada. As an accredited energy assessor with twenty years of experience in the energy industry, they are confident, reliable and attuned to individual client needs. They are looking to establish business relationships within the Aboriginal community and to educate businesses and communities on the benefits of solar power energy.
  • Naheyawin
    Naheyawin is a 100% Indigenous-owned design and engagement agency with clients such as the University of Alberta, Canadian Pacific Railway, and the World Trade Centre. Naheyawin specialize in working with businesses and organizations who wish to more effectively reach their Indigenous audiences, and do so by assisting with communications strategies, branding, website development, video production, and social media marketing in order to enable authentic relationship building and nurturing at scale. They are looking to create connections with businesses, organizations, and communities that would find value in leveraging technology to achieve their goals.
  • Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation
    Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation is a proud and progressive Algonquin community. Pikwakanagan is situated on the shores of the Bonnechere River and Golden Lake in Renfrew County, Ontario. Located off of Highway 60, the community is 1 ½ hours west of Ottawa and 1 ½ hours south of Algonquin Park. They are looking to identify and pursue economic development, business opportunities, and employment and training initiatives.
  • Yellowhead Tribal Council
    Established in 1977, Yellowhead Tribal Council facilitates vital programs and services for its four member Nations: Alexander, Alexis Nakota Sioux, O'Chiese and Sunchild.
  • Township of Langley
    The Township of Langley,  considered to be the epicenter of BC's Lower Mainland, wants to leverage partnerships to attract new opportunities.
  • Rokstad Power
    Rokstad Power is powerline construction company. It is important for Rokstad to further establish and expand relationships with First Nations across Canada and the United States as powerline construction and maintenance activities will transit the traditional territories of local First Nations. Rokstad seeks opportunities for business partnerships, employment opportunities or find other ways to work cooperatively.
  • Pioneer Construction
    Pioneer Construction is looking for joint venture opportunities with Aboriginal communities.
  • Wikwemikong Tourism
    Wikwemikong Tourism was formed as department within the Wikwemikong Development Commission to initiate programming that was focused on capturing an equitable share of the tourism industry on Manitoulin Island. They would like to provide a foundation for sustainable tourism development through the creation of core support infrastructure, marketing/branding and the delivery of quality market ready services.
  • EACOM Timber Corporation
    EACOM Timber Corporation is an Eastern Canadian wood products company committed to investing in strong assets, including healthy forests, advanced technology and talented people. Their goal is to develop relationships with Aboriginal communities to provide opportunity for job recruitment, and are ready to support the training and education that may be required to reach this goal.
  • Strategies North
    Advise, Develop,  Manage. We are a consulting firm that offers business advisory, program, proposal and business development as well as organizational management services. Our clients include First Nations communities, non profits and small businesses. We have extensive experience in assisting with partnerships, negotiations and Benefit Agreements from both a proponent and First Nation perspective.
  • Eclipse Business Consulting Inc
    Eclipse HR Solutions We are a People Potential Company. We find our business partners partners elite talent. We help that talent unleash their potential. We have access to dedicated and motivated people who need a good fit with an amazing organization. Our mission is to match brilliant people with amazing organizations and help that talent release their potential. Recruitment - Eclipse HR can link your company to the wealth of skilled and talented workers who want to be more engaged in the Canadian workforce. If you need talent Eclipse has the talent. We can find people for entry level positions through Management positions. Training - With Eclipse Training, companies get brilliant and inspired training that changes behavior and drives new organizational results. You will feel the energy of our company on our first phone call, and you’ll be inspired and excited by the prospects of your ROI in training by the end of our first meeting. With 150 Training Programs our recruitment and training programs that meet the needs of the Aboriginal market.  
  • Yorkton Tribal Council - ABM Co-Host
    Yorkton Tribal Council (YTC) is located in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Their business center is mainly Yorkton and surrounding areas. YTC has 6-member nations that they actively serve and support. As a Tribal Council, YTC gets involved in economic and social projects. They would like to meet with potential investors and partners and increase their network.
  • 3twenty Modular
    3twenty Modular designs and manufactures modular buildings. We focus on custom design-build opportunities and have built and are interested in building classrooms, community centres, band offices, administration buildings, gas bars, commercial buildings, treatment centres, or any other building requirements you have. Our modular designs are high quality, cost effective, and quick to design, build and install.
  • Upper Similkameen Indian Band
  • Community Power
    Community Power works alongside Indigenous communities to co-develop and implement custom energy and housing management solutions. Based in Vancouver, Community Power has carried out projects throughout BC, including many rural and remote communities. We support communities through energy and housing planning, energy use education, energy and housing assessments, building upgrades and retrofits, community asset management software, as well as energy monitoring and management solutions.
  • Lytton First Nation
    We are looking forward to expanding our network and taking valuable information back to our community.
  • Seton Lake Band
    The Seton Lake Band provides general services to our members. We are an Internet Service Provider , and through our Tsa'lalh Development Corporation, we offer; hotel accommodations and meeting facilities, RV parking,Security, Traffic Control, First Aid , Environmental and Heritage Monitoring, Landscaping, General Construction through a partnership with IVL contracting, Heavy Equipment services,Janitorial and Silvicultural services. We are always looking for new partnerships and opportunities. We operate our school in cooperation with the local School District 74 (k-12) including a Headstart and pre school. We run in partnership with CN Rail, a light rail Shuttle vehicle service between Lillooet and Seton Portage.
  • Okanagan Indian Band
    The Okanagan Indian is located just outside Vernon, BC with 1,862 members, of which about half live on reserve. We have a total of 6 reserves encompassing over 11,000 hectares in various municipalities like Kelowna, Vernon, and the District of Lake Country. Our community facilities include a Band office, a community hall, restaurant, campsites, trailer parks, marina, grocery stores, daycare, gas station, church, fire hall, medical centre and an elders centre. Our Sr. staff have extensive experience with AANDC's leasing and designation process and hope to hold several designation referendums over the next 5 years to support economic activity on our various reserves. We are anxious to receive proposals from proponents wishing to develop reserve land for various projects including: luxury waterfront real estate developments, commercial/industrial ventures, and smaller more grass roots community driven initiatives as well. We look forward to meeting all attendees and hopefully collaborating on new ventures.
  • Whispering Pines - Clinton Indian Band
    The Whispering Pines / Clinton Indian Band is located 35km north of Kamloops, on Westsyde Road. The Band was formerly known as the Clinton Band. The WP/CIB are known as the Pelltiq't People and are part of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council.
  • Gwaii Engineering
    Gwaii Engineering is a Civil and Environmental Engineering consulting firm that is majority owned and operated by Aboriginal People. Their experience covers feasibility studies and planning, infrastructure and land development design, water and waste water treatment solutions, detailed site investigations (stage 1 & 2), hydro-geology and water supply/disposal, and more. They want to partner with communities to build capacity and help with projects that will have a positive impact on their members for generations to come.
  • Grace Energy Solar & Wind Products
    Marketing & installing utility grade solar projects in Western Canada. Currently have six projects under construction in Saskatchewan. We provide training & employment for aboriginal as well as non-aboriginal. We also have a Wind Turbine dealership. Small turbines from 50 kW t 250kW. We will be moving into the Manitoba market early in 2018. All our projects are EPC. Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning. Our goal for 2018 is to double our business volume & workforce. Our products & services are available to aboriginal & non aboriginal. We offer training in equipment operation as well as classroom training for solar installers.
  • GardaWorld
    GardaWorld is an international company that provides security services, both physical and mobile, in 20 major cities across Canada. They provide industrial security to many mining and oil & gas businesses. GardaWorld is looking to increase the number of training and employment partnerships they have with Aboriginal communities in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.
  • Cowichan Tribes
    Cowichan Tribes is the largest First Nation band in BC, with close to 5,000 members. They are an economic driver in the Cowichan Valley Region, employing more than 700 people. They aim to explore opportunities for joint ventures and to attract foreign investors.
  • Jandel Homes Ltd.
    Jandel Homes is one of Western Canada's largest modular home retailers. We have Sales Centres in Penticton BC, Edmonton AB and Grande Prairie AB, as well as new home developments across the province of Alberta. Our newest community is Meadows of Morinville in Morinville Alberta. We deliver homes and commercial structures all across the prairies [Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba], British Columbia and the Territories. In 2017 we opened our first community development, Meadows of Morinville. Jandel Homes has over 40 years of experience in the factory built industry, making us one of Western Canada's foremost experts on modular construction. Since our establishment in 1974, Jandel Homes has been widely recognized as a dedicated and respected business working for the betterment of the modular housing industry and we have won numerous awards for our work. Jandel Homes is family owned and operated, and today, we are in our second generation of family ownership, with a third generation currently in management positions. We believe that operating as a family owned business has allowed us to maintain continuity, a familiar face and personalized service, while we continue to grow.
  • Red Rock Indian Band
    The Red Rock Indian Band (RRIB) is an Ojibwe First Nation in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. We have just celebrated the opening of the Professional Business Complex on July 24,2015. The 12000 sq. ft. two-story building has a total of 33 office spaces. The first level consists of 15 office spaces, a reception area, an elevator, and a kitchen. The second level consists of 18 office spaces, a double office and a boardroom. The Red Rock Indian Band would like to grow our network and build partnerships with organizations and other First Nation communities.
  • Superior Strategies
    Superior Strategies is a 100% First Nation owned business that offers quality management consulting and training services. We specialize in the delivery of successful project management, human resource, business, and economic development solutions. Our versatility in delivering the services our customers have come to count on include client specific & value added Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and Business Support. We partner and customize programs to meet our clients needs. Our company name reflects our unique capabilities in strategically building (developing improved trust and business relationships) between Aboriginal peoples and the government, industry and corporate sectors to successfully develop new business ventures. We strive to serve a variety of different sectors operating in Northern Ontario. Our clients include corporations, government, business, not-for-profit entities and First Nations/Aboriginal organizations. We are a locally based Business, committed to providing integrated strategies, practical solutions and measurable results. Our main office is located at Red Rock Indian Band and have a training center located in Thunder Bay.
  • Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen
    Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen  is one of 34 Community Futures organizations in BC. Their region includes the South Okanagan and Similkameen, from Summerland south through Osoyoos, and west through Princeton.  They would like to connect with local First Nation businesses, with the goal of supporting entrepreneurs by offering training and loans to start or grow their business.
  • White Buffalo Botanicals
    White Buffalo Botanicals is a First Nations Company, being first to market with Traditional Medicines which include CBD & THC Tinctures. Five years in with this emerging market thier current products, White Buffalo CBD & THC Tinctures, are already being sold in a number of Provinices in Canada. They would like to engage in meaningful dialogue so that there is a true understanding of where the Cannabis industry is going and how First Nations communities will be left behind in this emerging commodity if they do not engage in the commercialization of this traditional medicine.
  • Stswecem'c Xgat'tem
    Stswecem'c Xgat'tem (Canoe Creek Indian Band)  is located within 1.5 hours of Williams Lake, 100 mile House and Clinton B.C. They are currently involved in or in process of developing businesses in alternative energy, agriculture, tourism, mining partnerships and forestry. They are open to partnerships that would support the development of their workforce.
  • Corporate Traveller
    Corporate Traveller is a premier Travel Management Company with operations across all of Canada. They specialize in managing entire travel programs of different companies/communities to help achieve further savings and bring additional perks to their travellers. They have worked closely with various Aboriginal organizations and have found success in customizing travel programs to fit the individual needs of each community and working with them to achieve their goals. Corporate Traveller would like to establish connections and relationships that will help them to learn how to offer support and effectively do business within the Aboriginal space.
  • Lite Access Technologies
    Lite Access Technologies is a world leader of Micro-duct and fibre optic deployment technologies that provides total, integrated solutions. They would like to work with communities that want high speed broadband connectivity (Fiber to the Premise) via a fiber optic network.
  • Nak'azdli Whut'en
    Nak'azdli Whut'en is located within the beautiful Nak'azdli Whut'en territory, 100 miles northwest of Prince George located in the central interior. Some of thier ongoing projects include a bioenergy plant, LNG pipelines, forestry, mining and exploration. They hoping to gain new business contacts, learn about other business and establish new partnerships or working relationships.
  • Wallace Murray & Associates
    Wallace Murray & Associates is a boutique training, coaching and consulting firm that combines modern, proven best-practices with the wisdom of old-world knowledge keepers, for the main purpose of developing human, organizational and business potential. Working with Chief and Band councils, we act as sounding boards, strategic partners, full Joint Venture partners, or as Project Facilitators. We work with you as Helpers. A successful outcome for us is for Chiefs, band decision makers, and key consultants, to know that the next step is for all of us to meet together to decide what we will do together.
  • Yale First Nation
    Yale First Nation (YFN) is located at the mouth of the Fraser Canyon, approximately 250 km northeast of Vancouver. The community has reserve lands along the Fraser River near the town of Hope, BC. YFN is involved in food, social, and ceremonial fisheries as well as economic opportunity fisheries. YFN is also involved in Forestry, construction, tourism, and utility rights-of-way maintenance.  YFN would like to network and share experiences with different companies in different sectors throughout BC with an emphasis on First Nations opportunities.
  • Dwelltech Industries Ltd
    Dwelltech Q-Kits “building opportunity with healthy homes” Dwelltech Q-kits building packages provide the well-being and dependability of healthy, durable and energy efficient homes. Also, giving the whole community opportunity for youth skills training and quality on reserve employment opportunities. What does Dwelltech offer? We offer Opportunity. Our vehicle for delivering opportunity is a healthy home The immediate benefits are shelter but with sustained effort the cumulative benefits of our Opportunity is fulfilment of needs and eventual self realisation for everyone involved with Dwelltech. Our Q-kits inherent features like practical sq.ft size, functional design layouts, energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality systems and wellbeing inducing shape joined with its collaborative distribution and build methods create a healthy environment for growth, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Indigenous Insight
    Indigenous & Stakeholder Relations - The importance of relationship building (who really benefits) - Developing an obvious competitive advantage - Why demonstrating leadership is courageous, difficult and rare - Issue identification and mitigation Cultural Orientation / Facilitation - Life in an Aboriginal community pre-contact (archaeological v. traditional use) - Who Aboriginal people are, challenges they have overcome - Residual effects of residential schools (i.e. forced learning of alien language, loss of language/culture) - Residual effects of Indian Act (i.e. band offices, status v. non-status Indians, - History of Indian Reserve system - The future for Indigenous communities Aboriginal Rights and Title (provincial consultation process) - Strength of claim modeling - Archaeological lobbying - Negotiation and meaningful consultation - Treaty negotiations v. rights & title Governance/Decision Making - Indian Act decision-making v. 2018 organizational structure - Political protocols, band office administration and obstacles - Community consultation and direct democracy Economic and Business Development - Business advisory & mentoring - Business plan development - Proposal writing
  • Nucleus Strategies
    Located in Kelowna, Nucleus Strategies is a boutique consultancy that focuses on Customer Experience Strategy, Design, and Management to help our clients: 1. Test and evaluate new business, product, or service ideas. 2. Design and implement exceptional experiences that consistently creates and retains customers, increasing share-of-wallet, number of referrals, and employee retention, while decreasing marketing and advertising costs and taking on the effects of commoditization. 3. Use a collaborative and visual method that facilitates our clients to develop and implement solutions that work for their unique context, as opposed to a templated, one-size-fits-all approach. We are vetted partners of All Nations Trust and have worked with Aboriginal businesses across BC in all the areas outlined above. Most recently, we have consulted in both the manufacturing/house construction and retail/hospitality/tourism sectors.
  • Black Diamond Group
    Black Diamond Group Limited is one of North America's fastest growing remote lodging, modular building and energy services companies. With its corporate head office located in Calgary, Black Diamond provides world-class services to a full spectrum of industries including oil and gas, mining, power, construction, engineering, military, government and education. Black Diamond Camps rents and sells remote workforce housing and provides associated services; Black Diamond Logistics provides turnkey lodging services, remote facility management and supply chain solutions; BOXX Modular specializes in renting and selling a broad range of modular work space solutions and Black Diamond Energy Services rents and sells a complement of oilfield equipment and services.
  • Delta Remediation
    Delta Remediation is a bioremediation company based in Acheson, Alberta. At DELTA, we pride ourselves on the people that run our field applications. We don’t just sell our products, we provide the equipment, products, and people as an inclusive service offering. Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years in earthworks, excavation, and oilfield. As champions for the environment, we are proud to offer responsible, safe, sustainable solutions, which eliminate hydrocarbon contamination from soil and water. DELTA can provide products and services to treat contaminated soil and water both in-situ and ex-situ through a variety of application methods. Our products and services have successfully eliminated hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents in the following applications: Hydrocarbon spills and leaks on land, water and muskeg Oil and gas well sites Bulk fuel stations Underground storage tank leaks Dry cleaner sites Our naturally occurring microbial products were extracted from a once-contaminated site and isolated under controlled laboratory conditions to be able to culture them into such high concentrations that complete hydrocarbon remediation often occurs within weeks or months instead of years. Delta believes that working together with Canada's First Nations is the key to protecting and reclaiming the land and we genuinely acknowledge and emphasize the importance of proper ceremonies, protocols, and traditional knowledge when working on the land.
  • Sucker Creek Group of Companies
    The Sucker Creek First Nation is located on the southwestern shore of Lesser Slave Lake at Enilda, about 22 kilometers east of High Prairie, Alberta. The band has a registered population of 2,777 (2015) and almost 6,000 hectares of reserve land. Sucker Creek First Nation is a holistic, thriving and successful community operating under the principles of good governance and sustainability while meeting the needs of its membership and honoring the spirit and intent of Treaty 8.
  • Westbank First Nation
    Westbank First Nation (WFN) lands are governed under a modern comprehensive set of community laws. WFN has full jurisdictional control over Westbank Lands and resources. Some of WFN's holdings include the Lindley Building, Royal Bank, and the Sensisyusten School and Community Centre (which includes a multi-purpose facility and gymnasium). WFN also has beach property located on both IR 9 and IR 10. The IR 10 property consists of approximately 62 beach lots of which 50 are available for rent. In total, WFN owns approximately 110,000 square feet of commercial real estate holdings on Tsinstikeptum IR 9 and 10. The growing commercial base on-reserve continues to produce a demand for quality commercial real estate. WFN would like to network and learn from other business models and First Nations.
  • Chaparral Industries
    Chaparral is a family owned business, and we have been building modular homes and buildings for nearly 40 years. Even in the early days of the 1970’s, Chaparral was known for quality and for customization. Over the years, we’ve been able to maintain that reputation because we bring together a team of skilled tradespersons and attentive staff committed to excellence and proud of every home that leaves our plant. We at Chaparral believe that building effective business relationships with Aboriginal communities is imperative to the future of Canada’s economy, and to society as a whole. Chaparral is excited at the opportunity to work with Aboriginal entrepreneurs, businesses and communities in the pursuit of their goals, and Chaparral believes that our modular products can help to create opportunities.
  • Buffalo Lake Limited Partnership
    Buffalo Lake Development Corp. was incorporated April 4, 1986. The Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement Council initiated the registration of this corporation in order to take advantage of economic opportunities in and around the Settlement. Buffalo Lake Development Corp Board of Directors over-sees the management team. The General Manager is in charge of the day-to-day operations. The contractor is Buffalo Lake Limited Partnership. This company provides a variety of construction services within the oil & gas industry. The company has a contract to supply Wildland Fire Tack crews to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. In addition we have a contract with Alberta Tourism Parks and Recreation to operate and manage a provincial campground; North Buck Lake Recreation Area. We contracted services for the Fortis Alberta Vegetation Management Program and provided services to various other customers. The company Health, Safety and Environmental program is approved by a certifying partner the Alberta Construction Safety Association. The company has a Certificate of Recognition (COR) and is a registered member with ISNetworld, Comply Works and recently Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association. The company has Master Service Agreements with Apache Canada and Ledcor Industrial Maintenance. Services provided include brushing and clearing pipeline right of ways. Lease construction and reclamation, Road building, site preparation, construction of parking areas, transportation of heavy equipment, hauling aggregates, and culverts. This company also provides Medic Services, Certified Security Personnel, experienced Field supervisors, Safety Officers, Project and Quality Assurance Management personnel, and a certified labor force consisting of fallers, buckers (chain saw operators) laborers and flaggers. The community of Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement is in the midst of major change. The community owned entities are striving to develop an economic development base. Buffalo Lake Development Corporation envisions this strategy to be a means of achieving economic self-reliance to ensure our people enjoy a comfortable standard of living while maintaining our customs and traditional values.
  • Frog Lake First Nations
    Frog Lake First Nations has FLERC and Frog Lake Travel Center. We are currently restructuring everything for the Economic Development & Lands department.
  • Big River First Nation
    We are a community that prioritizes on skills development for our membership. Partnering with Training Institutes to deliver programs that will assist our membership to obtain employment.
  • Shawanaga First Nation
    Shawanaga First Nation is located 30 km north of Parry Sound ON, along Highway 69. We currently have an existing gas station and convenience store that will be relocating to a new, modern, Highway Service Centre that will be opening in the near future. The HSC will provide service to the existing Hwy 69 as well as the proposed 4 laning of Hwy 400 through our territory. We would like to meet prospective partners/investors to work with.
  • Summit Development Group
    Summit Development Group is a First Nation owned group of companies that includes two companies: Four Directions Resources and SCI North. Four Directions Resources offers a complete range of services in the industrial, government and energy sectors. Our team has seen it all, so no matter what your project needs, we’ll get the job done right. We offer services in the Energy Sector, Government Services, Industrial Services and Special Services. Southern Cross Industries North (SCI North) is an Oilfield Construction, Maintenance and Transportation business based out of Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation as well as offices in Fort McKay First Nation, Crossfield, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta.
  • City of Penticton
    Penticton is often referred to as the “hidden gem" of the Okanagan Valley. A small city with a population of 33,000 it is one of only two cities in the world that is perfectly situated between two lakes – Lake Okanagan and Skaha. With 2100 hours of sunshine and only 15 inches of rain annually, the region is highly regarded as a top destination to visit. Record levels of development in the last 2 years are also showing that it is becoming a top place to live. The City of Penticton is looking to raise awareness of the investment opportunities within the City of Penticton, and to support the economic development goals of the Penticton Indian Band.
  • Moricetown Band
    Moricetown Band currently own's Kyahwood - Finger Joint Plant, Kyah Industries, a logging Company, the Moricetown Gas Bar & Convenience Store, Moricetown RV Park & Campground, and the Moricetown Interpretive Centre. We are interested in meeting potential investors or partners for our Five Phase Tourism Development Plan. We have sat on the idea for the past eight years and only completed two components from the plan. We need expertise in Accommodation and Food Sector of the Tourist Industry.
  • Cancadd Imaging Solutions Ltd.
    Cancadd can be viewed as 2 Co.'s: 1) We market and service Large Format Printing Equipment. We represent Hewlett Packard DesignJets, KIP Engineering Systems, and Colortrac LF Scanners. We sell LF Filing Systems and all of the consummables, medias, Inkjet Cartridges and Toners needed for the above equipment. 2) We are the largest Reprographics/Digital Printing Facility E.of Vancouver and W. of Calgary. Built to service the needs of Cad/GIS/BIM Users, the Design Community, and Construction, Cancadd has multiple state of the art high production systems for both full colour (inkjet) and 'xerographic' Blueprinting, and Graphics printing ie. Posters, presentation drawings, photos, etc. We also have high production Small Format copiers and printers. In addition, we offer a full Large Format scanning service for archiving or email, etc. We value our excellent relationships with First Nation communities across BC! We would like to plant the seeds of our business knowledge and capabilities in a wider audience of end users who will benefit from our expertise and hopefully learn how to better utilize the sophisticated Printers they already have or may be acquiring.
  • ECO Canada
    ECO Canada is looking to build new connections with Indigenous businesses and offer beneficial services to develop a strong environmental workforce. Our BEAHR programs deliver environmental education and training to Indigenous communities across Canada and we would like to connect with participants interested in environmental protection and management. In addition, ECO Canada is interested in hearing from attendees and influencers regarding gaps in skill development and employment, and in sharing our labour market research and statistics on employment in the growing environmental sector. Our organization is particularly interested in how we can partner with Indigenous communities and organizations to provide learning and training opportunities, employment initiatives, and employment funding as it pertains to the environmental industry.
  • Temagami First Nation
    Temagami First Nation’s Administration Office is located on the Bear Island Indian Reserve, which is one square mile of land, mostly rock, in the middle of Lake Temagami. The Families of the Temagami First Nation have occupied the lands and waters in the Temagami area as stewards for thousands of years. The Temagami First Nation is the Body Politic of the 800 Teme-Augama Anishnabai, who are presently recognized as Indians under the Indian Act of Canada. The Bear Island Indian Reserve community, which includes 250 permanent residents and the government institutions of the Temagami First Nation, preserves the integrity of Teme-Augama Anishnabai as the stewards of n’Daki Menan
  • Kelly Lake Cree Nation
    Kelly Lake Cree Nation Economic Development Corporation This company manages the forestry, oil and gas businesses of the Kelly Lake Cree Nation. In addition, it provides pipeline construction support, cultural heritage surveys, environmental monitoring and government consultation who wish to operate within Asiniwachi Niyaw Territory. Calliou Earth Environmental Management Ltd CEEM provides land use planning services, traditional land use planning, environmental management consulting services, Environemental Monitor program and services, environmental reclamation services, archaeological and heritage research planning, protected areas and conservation planning, TLU database services, supporting Aboriginal forestry and environmental business, GIS and cultural based mapping services, and training in forestry and environmental related courses to clients in the oil, gas, mining, energy and forestry sectors. Contact: Linette Hodges linette.hodges@gmail.com CDN CONTROLS LTD. 51% Indigenous Owned Instrumentation, Electrical, Automation and Communication Instrumentation & Electrical Maintenance Construction Control Panels & Systems Project Management Automation Communications Combustion & Emissions Repair Shop Parts Store PERFECTED ENERGY SERVICES LTD. 50% Full Service Oilfield Rental Provider Laydown Invert Tanks Shacks an Oilfield Housing Generators and Light Towers Top of the Line Modern Equipment Fleet Unmatched Customer Service KLCN MOUNTAINVIEW SAFETY SERVICES LTD. Medic, Safety and Drug Testing Industrial Medic Services OH&S Testing Equipment Rentals Security Brushing, Clearing, Road and Lease Construction Construction Civil Earthworks & Road Maintenance Clearing & Hauling Site Prep and Reclamation Heavy Hauling and Transportation Pipeline Integrity Services Oilfield Clearing Bunching, skidding, processing & mulching
  • Sparkly Shoes Creative
    Sparkly Shoes Creative was established in 2016 and is based in Abbotsford, BC. We provide communications services including copy/content writing and social media management. Our principal is Kwakiutl and has extensive experience working with an Aboriginal client base.
  • MC2 Management ltd.
    Located in the bc interior, our services include all aspects of project management from survey, design and construction.
  • TRUE Consulting
    TRUE Consulting has provided civil engineering consulting services to Municipal, Regional District, Provincial, First Nation Communities, and private sector clients in the central and southern interior of British Columbia since 1986. TRUE has developed a solid business and technical reputation as a stable, well established consulting firm. We strive to deliver professional services with a focus on creative solutions, technical detail, and adherence client instructions, schedules and budgets. TRUE maintains offices in Kamloops, Williams Lake, Kelowna and Trail. It is the objective of TRUE to provide responsive service to our clients and maintain the highest levels of professionalism, consistency, and effectiveness. TRUE has the ability to provide extensive senior input throughout all stages of a project to ensure a high level of quality control. We strive to maintain a close, responsible, and professional working relationship between senior project personnel and the client. Our firm has long standing working relationships with clients as well as municipal, regional, provincial, and federal government approval agencies throughout the central and southern interior area of the province such as INAC, the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Health Canada, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The firm recognizes these relationships as being of fundamental importance to assisting clients in achieving their project objectives.
  • Boothroyd First Nation
    Boothroyd First Nation is interested in Joint Venture opportunities. Boothroyd Construction Inc. is also looking to for opportunities to expand our company.
  • Burns Lake Band
    Burns Lake Band wishes to expand on First Nation businesses in the area and bring in more multicultural tourism. Currently we own three businesses which are the Little Angels Daycare, The Keyoh Lodge Hotel and the Rainbow Gas Bar Convenience Store.
  • Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd.
    Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd. operates across Alberta and is quickly expanding to service Western Canada and the Territories. We are an Engineering Consulting Firm focused on First Nations Infrastructure and Advisory Services. Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd. was established in 2017 to provide the services that First Nations need and were not being provided by existing government agencies, technical service providers, and consulting firms. We have completed projects for several Nations that are progressive and are helping those communities see improved service delivery outcomes. We specialize in Water, Wastewater, Roads, Asset Management and Advocating for increased federal funding, Emergency Recovery, and Drone Surveys among other services. We are exploring leading edge technologies to assist our community partners in resolving some of the biggest problems they face. Seeking to build relationships with First Nations, and private enterprises to provide high-impact engineering for their infrastructure projects.
  • Dalles Reserve - Ochiichagwe’Babigo’Ining Ojibway Nation
    Help needed to start a road construction company to complement tourism development plans and plans to start a logging road building company. Also interested in tourism developments.
  • The Yan Cheng & ABM China Project
    The Yan Cheng & ABM China Project is a collaboration to explore what opportunities may exist for Chinese companies in the Indigenous business space.
  • Pays Plat First Nation
    Pays Plat First Nation is looking to network and generate good contacts and information that further develop and strengthen economic development for the Nation.
  • TTQ Economic Development Corporation (Douglas First Nation)
    Douglas First Nation has a small gas station and saw mill operation. Overall, we would like to network and explore the opportunities in various areas.
  • Collège Boréal/Centre Louis-Riel
    Develop a Workforce working with Aboriginal Communities Develop Business and/or Project Partnerships Raise Awareness for Programs, Projects and Business Opportunities amongst Aboriginal Communities Expand Business Network Learn about Projects, Businesses and Opportunities Learn about Best Practices
  • CFWE Radio, ABM Media Partner
    CFWE Radio broadcasts from Edmonton. The CFWE Network has one of Alberta’s largest FM commercial radio footprints with a multirebroadcast system that reaches 85 communities and their surrounding areas. Our family is expanding! The transmitter has been installed and we've begun testing. CJWE 88.1 Calgary will feature the same great Country Variety and will super serve the languages and issues of the Treaty 7 area. We are looking to expand our network and meet with potential clients who want to use advertising to sell products, recruit employees, and much more.