Request for Proposals - Pipe & Drape Form Only

  • 1. Agenda

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  • 2. Requirements and Set-Up Preferences

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Tradeshow - ALL DAY
    • Set-up 60 8'x10' booths (8' and 3' walls, 6' table with table cloth and skirting, four chairs, garbage can) - must be complete by 1 pm on Monday.
    • The tradeshow will take place from 8 am on Tuesday to 4.30 pm on Wednesday.
    • F&B: 1 coffee break on Tuesday, 2 coffee breaks on Wednesday, ideally set up on the tradeshow floor, refreshed throughout the day.
    • AV: 2 monitors displaying ABM appointment timer, requires plug-in for Samurai Blade

    Monday Workshop - 12.00 pm to 4.30 pm- SELECT EVENTS ONLY
    • Set-up meeting room to fit 20 people: 20 chairs to form a U-shape in the middle of the meeting space (facing the screen and projector). A table for the lunch buffet and coffee break.
    • F&B: working lunch buffet, coffee break.
    • AV: 1 screen, 1 high quality projector.

    Monday Welcome Reception - 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm
    • Set-up reception style mixer for 45 to 60 persons
    • F&B: 4 to 6 pieces per person, cash bar
    • AV: podium with mic (including sound), 1 screen, 1 high quality projector, 1 laptop

    Tuesday and Wednesday Lunch & Dinner
    • Set-up rounds for 90 to 120 persons, riser, AV
    • F&B: Tuesday breakfast, lunch and dinner with cash bar, Wednesday breakfast, lunch
    • AV: 1- 2 screens on each side of riser, podium with mic, live projection, switcher, onsite technician

    Tuesday and Wednesday Delegates Lounge - 8 am to 4 pm daily
    • Set-Up: 3 rounds of 6 and coffee station
    • F&B: coffee throughout the day

    Raven Events prefers the tradeshow space and the meal room including stage set-up to be in the same area, ideally in the same room or on the same floor. The room for the workshop can be in a different area of the facility.

    The reception on Monday night can be in a foyer area around the registration desk or on the tradeshow floor.
  • 3. Tradeshow Set-Up Quote

  • In CDN $ exclusive of GST.
  • In CDN $ exclusive of GST.
  • 4. Billing

  • Raven Events requires billing privileges. If you have any further questions please contact our Logistics Manger at
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  • 5. Tradeshow Contact: