Request for Proposals - Accommodations ONLY Form

  • 1. Agenda

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  • 2. Requirements and Set-Up Preferences

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Tradeshow - ALL DAY
    • Set-up 60 8'x10' booths (8' and 3' walls, 6' table with table cloth and skirting, four chairs, garbage can) - must be complete by 1 pm on Monday.
    • The tradeshow will take place from 8 am on Tuesday to 4.30 pm on Wednesday.
    • F&B: 1 coffee break on Tuesday, 2 coffee breaks on Wednesday, ideally set up on the tradeshow floor, refreshed throughout the day.
    • AV: 2 monitors displaying ABM appointment timer, requires plug-in for Samurai Blade

    Monday Workshop - 12.00 pm to 4.30 pm- SELECT EVENTS ONLY
    • Set-up meeting room to fit 20 people: 20 chairs to form a U-shape in the middle of the meeting space (facing the screen and projector). A table for the lunch buffet and coffee break.
    • F&B: working lunch buffet, coffee break.
    • AV: 1 screen, 1 high quality projector.

    Monday Welcome Reception - 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm
    • Set-up reception style mixer for 45 to 60 persons
    • F&B: 4 to 6 pieces per person, cash bar
    • AV: podium with mic (including sound), 1 screen, 1 high quality projector, 1 laptop

    Tuesday and Wednesday Lunch & Dinner
    • Set-up rounds for 90 to 120 persons, riser, AV
    • F&B: Tuesday breakfast, lunch and dinner with cash bar, Wednesday breakfast, lunch
    • AV: 1- 2 screens on each side of riser, podium with mic, live projection, switcher, onsite technician

    Tuesday and Wednesday Delegates Lounge - 8 am to 4 pm daily
    • Set-Up: 3 rounds of 6 and coffee station
    • F&B: coffee throughout the day

    Raven Events prefers the tradeshow space and the meal room including stage set-up to be in the same area, ideally in the same room or on the same floor. The room for the workshop can be in a different area of the facility.

    The reception on Monday night can be in a foyer area around the registration desk or on the tradeshow floor.
  • 3. Attrition Policy

  • Raven Events does not agree to attrition fees under any circumstances. The accommodations provider must agree to a release date, after which point rooms are released into the provider’s inventory and sold at best available rates.
  • 4. Hotel Room Quote

    All delegates book and pay their own accommodations. ONLY Raven Events staff reservations will be made by room listing. all charges for staff to be charged to master account. Raven Events does not agree to attrition fees under any circumstances.
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  • 5. Billing

  • Please send a credit application to our Logistics Manger at If you have any further questions you can reach us at 1-604-483-3532
  • 6. Hotel Contact