Battlefords Agency Tribal Chiefs and SITE Energy Services

Battlefords Agency Tribal Chiefs is comprised of six bands in west-central Saskatchewan. BATC attended ABM SK 2014 in June with the goal of pursuing partnerships with organizations possessing a vision for future growth, resources to help achieve that growth, and clear management.
BATC’s first joint venture within the energy sector was signed three months after ABM SK and included two companies met through ABM, Site Energy Services and Hugh Munro Construction.

“This deal has been of great benefit to our community members, and at this time there are 60 onsite as operators, site managers, and foremen,” said Ed Standinghorn, Director of Industry Relations, BATC.

SITE Energy Services, a resource based service contractor, attended the event to develop long term working relationships with Aboriginal communities and companies.

“When we met Battlefords Agency Tribal Chiefs during an appointment at ABM, they were prepared, knowledgeable, and came to the table ready to do business,” said Todd Anderson, Vice President of Business Development, SITE Energy Services.

“By the end of 2015, we expect this deal will be worth several million.”

BATC is looking forward to attending ABM Prairies in 2015 to continue to grow capacity building and learn about new economic development ventures, said Standinghorn.

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