Malahat Nation and Quantum Murray

The Malahat Nation is made up of just under 300 members and has a large land base on southern Vancouver Island in Mill Bay, BC.

Representatives from Malahat met with Quantum Murray LP, a full service environmental contractor, at ABM 2014 in Penticton, and quickly established a mutually beneficial working relationship.

“We were looking for a company knowledgeable about land management, specifically handling soil,” said Lawrence Lewis, Nation Manager for Malahat. “After ABM, we followed up with Quantum Murray over the course of six months, and then executed a joint venture agreement. They have been managing one of our development sites ever since, and we are very pleased with their work.”

Gavin Domitter, Manager, Aboriginal Relations and Business Development for Quantum Murray, said he thinks the partnership is a perfect fit.

“We are keenly interested in pursuing projects and business opportunities with Aboriginal communities after engaging in meaningful dialogue to identify their needs, requirements and capacity,” said Gavin. “ABM was the ideal forum for this dialogue, and we are very happy with the results; and specifically the partnership we have developed with Malahat Nation. We look forward to a long-term collaborative relationship.”

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